When working to fully connect with our human reality, music, like always, may be the best way to express our thoughts regarding the matter.  That’s why RⱯHM ⚉’s new track “semiautomatical” was made.  It highlights the complicated nature of our society by showing us the more mundane moments while also giving us a peek inside the soothing, wind-in-our -hair moments.  Not to worry, the track itself is anything but mundane, keeping your ears perked for the entirety of the nearly four-minute track.  With this, he pushes himself even further past any boundaries, cementing him as the adventurous face in music.  As we listeners step into this portal to a new view of our planet and humanity as a whole, we face reinvention and peace, and glorious music, of course.  

He says of the meaning behind the track:

“semiautomatical” is a non-word that I was using to refer to this kind of halfness. Closeness and farness simultaneously. Watching other people have sex on the internet. love in the anthropocene. blah blah you get it. but it’s more ambiguous than “wow this is fucked the bots are taking over my brainstem.”

Meredith Schneider