Chicago-bred psych pop quintet Post Animal – expertly comprised of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, and Matt Williams – truly brought their A Game with the release of Forward Motion Godyssey today. Leisurely rolling into an easygoing soundscape with “Your Life Away”, the 80s-inspired fade-in on second track “Post Animal” is both nostalgic and frantic. “Schedule” brings us back to a more 70s-psych aura, bright vocals and crashing cymbals leading the way.

“Fitness”, as its predecessors, has a completely different feel, bringing with it an audible sense of mystery. “In a Paradise” feels more 80s hair band, a track we could easily see being placed in the soundtrack of Top Gun II, if things were to go our way. (The first minute at least, before it goes into more Guitar Hero territory.) “The Whole” is an instrumental track that sounds as though it should be played in queue for a Star Wars attraction. Glittering and lovely, it paves the way for “How Do You Feel” (Note: NOT a question) in a way that highlights the synth in both tracks.

“Safe or Not” brings with its title a mystery, and with its soundscape more of a dance track than anything else. We can very much imagine “Private Shield” as more of a contemporary Warped Tour track, while “Damaged Goods” rips hard, and we’re totally smitten. “Sifting” is the eleventh and final track, bringing the listener’s heart rate back down after a short burst of ethereal energy mid-track.

What’s your favorite song on the new release? Let us know!

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