Payson Lewis just released his newest music video for his song, “Hotel Suite!” The video has a cinematic edge that really makes you feel as if you were transported into a movie. 

Lewis himself played a couple of different characters in the video, which added a sort of comedy factor to it. Whether he was himself or one of the workers at the hotel, his persona throughout the video was absolutely colorful and really added to the movie-esque feel of the video. He played these characters really well and it was very entertaining! A cool aspect of this video was the vintage feel to it. From the layout of the screen to the coloration of the video, it was spot on! 

One of the greatest parts of this video was when they were transported out of the rundown, old, and dirty motel room, to what seemed to be their “perfect vacation.” This scene in the video was attention-grabbing and just so fun. It played with the theme of the song being how upon entering a hotel room, you can be anyone you want to be. 

If you enjoy the video for “Hotel Suite,” check out Payson Lewis on social media, as well as his debut album, Take Me Apart!

Directed by Colin H. Duffy

Ally Ferrari