The start of every new year often brings new resolutions, aspirations, and sometimes an overwhelming emphasis on the need to be “positive”. While there’s no doubt such efforts are commendable, there is something refreshing about a voice that speaks out against the crowd.

With upbeat production and catchy bop after the next, Oscar DeLaughter and his newest single provide listeners with an oddly-cheerful acceptance of life’s duller moments. If your 2021 hasn’t started off the way you might’ve hoped for, DeLaughter’s track, “Just Woke Up”, will assure you that you aren’t the only one. Playing on the ordinary routine of waking up to yet another underwhelming day, DeLaughter manages to turn a depressing theme into an enjoyable one. 

As opposed to shying away from the daunting topics of uncertainty and confusion, the young musician provides lightheartedness when we need it most– creating something we can even sing along to.

Sabrina Thurber
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