Throbbing synths, outer-space vibes and the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that comes with bedroom pop — what more could you ask for? Shouting out her name from the entranced hills and transcendent sunshine of Los Angeles, the multi-talented Olivia Morreale presents her new track, “NO ANSWER”. Arriving as the first piece off her upcoming EP, SPACE DREAMS, the track drips traces of the emerging artist’s persona with each pulse. 

Having roots in New York City and a background in jazz, Morreale’s unification with the glittery-ness of Southern California has resulted in evident depth as a writer and producer. Sensual vocals with ethereal lyrics results in a listener’s experience of both confusion and contentment. With Morrelae, strangeness is welcomed– even encouraged. As the song progresses, constellation vibrations take the listener far away; all while remaining grounded by the singer’s dream-like voice. 

Along with co-writer and co-producer Eli Koskoff, the two have created a track that fits the mentality of a city like Los Angeles. No one really knows exactly where they’re headed, and life often seems too good to be true. Nonetheless, the only option is to keep floating ahead– enjoying what surprises you might discover along the way.

Sabrina Thurber