New York-based singer/songwriter Nora Lei’s just released her new single “Together,” a dreamy dance track that explores honest feelings of a long term relationship with someone. It’s an ode to love really – but it focuses on the love that exists in a relationship that isn’t tested by a dramatic fate, but more by the time on a clock. Lyrically, her songwriting describes the difficulties a relationship may pose — “I can tell you’re tired/ It’s alright because I am too/ Been so much tension/ Could cut it with a knife” — while the chorus brings the listener to the underlying theme of love prevailing: “We know we’re supposed to be together.” Whether it’s a relatable song or just something you want to dance to, the electronic beat allows you to find release either way.

A self-described “old-soul, hopeless romantic, and heroine of her own life adventure,” Nora Lei is welcoming listeners into her noir-pop world, one song at a time. She began releasing music at the top of this year and has already amassed close to 300K streams and a growing following on her Instagram. Stream “Together” today and be on the lookout for her future EP.

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