Oakland based husband and wife duo My Little Hum are back with their sophomore album Pioneer featuring the track, “One of a Kind” where the music is as free and innovative as the lyrics. Sounding like a female powerhouse band thriving on chaotic harmonies the electric beat captivates listeners reminding them of how they are as unique as the song itself. With the feel of an oldies rock song, you’ll have visions of hippies funkily dressed dancing through your mind in no time. 

Inspired by guest band member Dan Jewett’s late father, “One of a Kind” has strong emotional ties for the band allowing their creative personalities to be felt throughout the entire track such as the harsh chomp of the guitar and hectic keyboard solo. Perfect for fans of Television, The Lemon Twigs, or The Sundays, My Little Hum continues to bring the power pop vibrations in not only “One of a Kind” but also their upcoming new album Pioneer produced by Mystery Lawn Music, set to be released on October 18, 2019.

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Caitlyn Champ

Caitlyn Champ

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