When two talented producers join forces, you’d best bet there’s some insane music coming your way. For Laurel Canyon-based duo Munnycat (K808 and Khaledzou), this couldn’t be more true. The noise-pop project created some absolute magic during their down time during lockdown, and we’re insanely impressed by the outcome. They recently shared their new music video for earworm “so fresh,” a beautifully shot visual that gives us a glimpse of a bit of Los Angeles while the pair strut around in their 70s best. Honestly? Couldn’t think of anything more fresh. On point, my friends! Explains the duo of the track:

We had a ton of big plans for doing all these ambitious and amazing things during the ‘down time’ we had last year, but we severely underestimated how hard it’d be to accomplish them during the chaos of a global pandemic. We’d have a to-do list a mile long and then we’d be like, ‘Wait a minute. Have either of us even showered in 5 days? When’s the last time we ate a healthy meal?’ We were playin’ ourselves. But addressing that irony and producing a really fun, upbeat song helped us crawl out of that headspace, for sure.

Cinematographer: Paul W. Sauline

the MUNNYCAT mixtape is due out August 25th.

Meredith Schneider