The latest release from the Los Angeles-based trio MUNA is “Silk Chiffon”, an exuberant pop melody with appealing lyrics that will inhabit your spirit long after the song is over. Or, as producer and guitarist Naomi McPherson has described it, “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to.”

Life’s so fun, Life’s so fun
Don’t need to worry about no one
She said I got her if I want,
She’s so soft like silk chiffon.

MUNA has recently signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ label, Saddest Factory Records. Bridgers is featured on the song and in the video of “Silk Chiffon” and the sound that they create together is fantastic. 

MUNA is headed out on a North American tour this month, opening for Bridgers; then will be on Kacey Musgraves 2022 tour. 

“Silk Chiffon” – the single and the video – is out now.

Elizabeth Schneider