It’s not too hard to find a good song that focuses on pain, loneliness or loss. Similarly, there’s never been a shortage of music that pays attention to life’s beauty. It is a unique uncovering, however, to come across a piece that acknowledges both sides of the coin. The result is a sense of connection between the artist and the listener, with both parties realizing that life’s emotional oscillations are a part of the human experience. 

Mikey Ferrari’s new single, “standoff”, creates a space in which listeners can appreciate this connection. In the track, Ferrari opens himself to sheer vulnerability, reflecting on the loss of a close friend. Beginning with an electronic celestial sound, Ferrari adds color to his description of the longed for “space boy”. To enchant us even more, the Los Angeles-based singer puts to use his impressive falsetto, making it all too easy for us to indulge in his delicacy. By showing us his soft side, Ferrari only heightens the significance behind his words.  

Despite the pain, profound beauty can be found when we are faced with a loss– along with an appreciation for what the loss teaches us. Ferrari reminds us of this lesson in “standoff”, coming off his upcoming album, SPACEBOY, set to release in early 2021. 

Sabrina Thurber
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