by: leigha stuiso

Melted Bodies released its full-length debut album, Enjoy Yourself, via Sweatband Records. The energy is high and there is a groove that flows through each song into the next, although each has its own unique style. The Los Angeles-based band creates music that goes beyond just the genre of rock, there are different elements throughout that make their sound unique. For those who might not typically listen to metal, it can be hard to differentiate from the music in the genre, but Melted Bodies stand out. Whether it is elements of traditional heavy metal, thrash metal or small hints of electronic and indie rock, the quartet will surprise you with each song. 

The production across all 10 tracks is consistent and binds everything together. Starting with a crescendo into “Eat Cops”, sets the tone for all that follows. “99 Scents” raises the bar; ramping up the speed and aggression. “Phone Tumor” is less aggressive and a song I would recommend to listen to first if you aren’t familiar with metal. Similarly, “The Rat” has a chorus that has a riff reminiscent of rock bands like The Strokes, but quickly transitions back to their metal comfort zone. It is the song that I think will stick out to people and one that will call them back to listen closer to. “Ad People” comes with a clever video on YouTube that spoofs vapid Internet content spewing culture. “The Abbot Kinney Pedophiles” flows into “Helplessness” without you even realizing, with a slow tempo opposite of the typical fast-paced sound. “Meat Cleanse” is the perfect finale for the album. It is seven minutes long and encompasses each of the elements visited in each song, without being too much. With solid riffs and true consistency between songs, Melted Bodies created something bound to leave an impact. Enjoy Yourself isn’t just the title, it is a message from the band.

Sit back, relax and dive deep into the new album.