Mega Bog’s seventh album Dolphine gives listeners a ride through an auditory kaleidoscope with abstract and trippy sound coming out in every track. Get ready to picture yourself running barefoot through a field or swimming in a pool of seltzer water as singer Erin Birgy brings incredible vocal control with every song. This album could be played in a coffee shop or on a dance floor with its versatile and ever-changing melodies, giving listeners a hidden gem within the beat of every track.

Opening with “For the Old World” we are sent onto a mystic journey until the 30th second when the song takes a turn towards modern jazz. Then in “I Hear You Listening (to the Bug on My Wall)” we’re slowed down with an acoustic guitar strumming pattern that could leave you in a trance. “Diary of a Rose” is the longest track on the album, driven by the sound of chimes and lyrics dedicated to days of the past. The title track “Dolphine” opens with an upbeat and staccato electronic sound which moves the listener forward only to be swept up by Erin’s angelic and celestial voice. “Spit in the Eye of the Fire King” is the most unique song on the album, standing out among the rest as not only a duet with Ash Rickli but it also features a folk twang to it. “Truth in the Wild” tells a two-part story of a western style love that is broken up in “Shadows Break” where native whistling can be eerily felt next to the fading nature sounds and sad lyrics. In “Untitled (with ‘C’)” we’re transported back to the ethereal world of the tracks of the beginning. “Fwee Again” proves to be just as playful as its name being the only instrumental song on the whole album, and it doesn’t waste any time showing you. Finishing up with “Waiting in the Story” listeners can expect to enjoy a guitar-heavy vibe with harmonization in many octaves from singer Erin. 

Saying to have written this album due to, “a myriad of overwhelming emotions” it’s no wonder we get so many different tempos and styles of songs. You can truly expect to be taken on a journey of self-discovery throughout this work. Let yourself float away and enjoy the dissonant and acoustic vibes given to us in this wonderful new album from Mega Bog. 

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