Fiona Apple fans, rejoice! Within the first 9 seconds of Lizzie Loveless’ new track “Window,” you can feel a familiarity in the vocals that absolutely trace back to Apple. Plus, the instrumental composition the song transitions into by the 58-second mark is absolutely reminiscent of some of our 90s favorites. And yet, the melancholy you can feel in the track is still somehow all Loveless’ own. Coming from an entirely vulnerable space, the song bursts forth with an energy that is both magnetic and intrinsically sorrowful at the same time. Explains Loveless of the track:

I wrote “Window” a few years ago. The song was first written when I knew my relationship at the time had ended. He had gone for a walk to take some space and I was waiting for him to come back, looking out the window. But I could feel a shift. I knew what was coming. I knew when I looked at him, he had already left. It was as if in a single moment his face had changed and I no longer knew him.

So, I was thinking, then what? What comes next? Essentially all you can do is wait, wait for the heartache to pass. This song definitely captures a chapter in my life, a painful ending… I’m thankful it’s in the past. 

For those going through a rough time, you may have found your match in this track. Enjoy a listen (or five) to “Window” below.

Synths: Lizzie Lieberson
Bass: Josh Werner
Drums, Drum Programming: Daniel Schlett
Produced by: Lizzie Lieberson and Daniel Schlett
Engineering: Miles Francis and Daniel Schlett
Assistant Engineering: Garret De Block
Mixed by Daniel Schlett
Mastered by Alex Deturk at Strange Weather Studio and The Bunker Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
Recorded at Cornelia Street Studio (Greenwich Village NY), Strange Weather Studio (Brooklyn NY), Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS) and Ellen’s house (Halifax, NS)

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Meredith Schneider