by: leigha stuiso

They’re genre expansive, gender expansive and multi-instrumentalists. They’re LE FOMO and they’re back with their new album Swallow Me Whole. The electro thrash pop duo is releasing nine tracks that are bound to get you out of your seat and onto your feet. The driving bass lines, catchy guitar riffs and punchy vocals will give you a feeling of nostalgia, but still giving a new and fresh sound. Ess Nelson (Vocals, lyrics, synths, bass, beats, arrangement) and Kai Hofius (guitar, drums, lyrics, bass) are based in Oakland, CA.

Swallow Me Whole was recorded and mixed by Maryam Qudus at Tiny Telephone and Best House Studios and mastered by Piper Payne at Infrasonic Studios. “NOTDF (Nip on the Dance Floor)”, is one of the three singles off the album and has been gaining traction through the press and from fans. “Tiny Anchor” at the core is all about loving someone, while letting go of the fears it might bring along. The song was accompanied by an animated music video that ends with the sailor letting someone in. 

Although their beats may be lively and easy to lightly listen to, if you really pay attention to the lyrics, they are very clever and full of emotion. The title track, “Swallow Me Whole”, is a prime example of this especially with the verse, “Infuse your bloodstream / infuse your heart / bathe every organ, every soft weathered scar / won’t you swallow me whole, so I can sing to your guts / fill your tenderest parts, and rub up on your heart.” In “We Were Never In Control”, there’s a great combination of elements that are reminiscent of something that you might hear in the 80s. “Heedless Velvet Moonshine Rocket” is a nice transition in the middle of the album, it is a prime example of their smooth production and arrangement. “Corkscrew Hourglass” continues this sound but with Nelson’s vocals flying high over the song. Things slow down slightly with “Parabolic Rinpoche”, but still continue with the upbeat tempo that they are known for. On a less serious topic than pain,“Spoon Revolt” is about switching up who is the big and little spoon. The album wraps up with “Hot Whiskey”, it’s a slow burn that stands out on the album. It ends how it begins, with original style. 
LE FOMO has created an amazing piece of art inspired by pain and healed their wounds in the process. With diversified musical influences from artists like Prince, Karen O, Devo and Janelle Monae, they have created their own unique sound. Swallow Me Whole calls on us to become our fullest, most expansive selves and to find authentic human connection in that place, together. It goes beyond just an album and is a piece of the journey for LE FOMO.