It’s all about moving on and letting go of the past for Kamber in her acoustic single, “West”. Recorded at Gnome Studios in Nashville, the indie artist finds closure over a heartbreak. Instead of dwelling on the past, there is a hopeful outlook for the future in the lyrics. Kamber is classically trained in piano and voice and is a band called Raviner, while pursuing solo work and teaching students in the studio. Her sound is influenced by an array of artists including Tori Amos, Chris Cornell and more. 

The level of vulnerability is at an extreme high, taking listeners through her process of coping with a loss in her life. The struggle gets easier as time goes on and as the song progresses, as most heartbreaks do. The biggest example of focusing on herself is with the lyrics:

All this time I held the key /
open door in front of me /
I never thought that you and I would bleed /
well it’s the first time I know that I can breathe

The Nashville-based indie singer is not afraid to lay it all on the line here and tell her truth. From being worn out and broken to wishing this person all the best, this person is moving West while Kamber is moving on. 

Leigha Stuiso
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