Goosebumps. The immediate sensation one gets when listening to the intro to Judah and the Lion‘s new album Pep Talks.  The aptly named Pep Talks gives the listener a metaphorical punch in the mouth with numerous vocal buildups, booming horns, and a steady building guitar.  This is the band’s third album, and it does not disappoint from start to finish.

Big band feels with heartfelt lyrics is how this listener likes to describe Pep Talks.  17 tracks long, Pep Talks boasts features from Kacey Musgraves and Jon Bellion, but the majority of the focus is on Judah and the Lion’s ability to captivate audiences with their pop-alternative style.  The constant presence of the variety of strings, and the pounding of drums, just make you want to move.  Even as I write this at my desk, my head is consistently bobbing, and my feet are thumping with every single beat.  Emotionally stirring, Pep Talks is raw in every sense of the word, putting on display every single talent that Judah and the Lion possesses.

The release of Pep Talks signals the announcement of a worldwide tour from Judah and the Lion.  With festival stomps throughout, the band will be touring from May until November.  Without a doubt, the songs on this album will be triumphs live, all of them have a live feel even when you are streaming them through a computer.  I for one cannot wait to witness Pep Talks live, and I can only hope that Judah and the Lion incorporate the intro track “Pep Talk” into the performance.  It gets me amped just thinking about it.

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