Joshua Ackley released his debut single, “Working Class”, which is a part of his upcoming album Dark Arts. After moving to New York at the age of 19 to follow his music dreams, he has been on the scene in different bands such as the art-punk band The Dead Betties and rock band Teen Vice, with Tammy Hart. This album was recorded following a major skiing accident that caused him a 4 month recovery post-surgery. In a makeshift studio he recorded Dark Arts, which is the singer’s first solo album. 

Ackley’s mystical voice fades in and out of the track on top of a light melody. The lyrics when you listen closely are much darker than the song sounds, but not in a bad way. There is some trouble being faced here between Ackley and another person. The lyrics that really stand out are, “Did everybody run away and leave you with nothing but shame? / did I treat you wrong, by staying way too long / I should’ve run away, I was so scared I had to stay”,  and, “You want me to take your name / you want me to wrap my arms around you / you want me to have your back / but you treat me like a punching bag.” The Brooklyn-based singer really digs deep into these intimate issues, while presenting them perfectly. As the song buzzes through your speakers, make sure to pay attention to Ackley’s storytelling because his execution is on point.

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