Jenny March, a Los Angeles based rising singer/songwriter, has released her first single off her forthcoming EP: “November Nights.” This moody track and accompanying music video are inspired by a past relationship, one that maybe wasn’t very healthy but the longing for love and validation made it addicting nonetheless. “November Nights” has March’s signature personal and electrifying sound that empowers girls to have fun. Whether that means going out and partying or anything else that they enjoy, March’s music encourages them to go for it, regardless of what other people think.

The music video is a picture of glamour. March’s several stylish outfits, her dazzling “BABE” choker, and the flashing lights and nighttime setting all point to the partying atmosphere that she unapologetically enjoys. But the inky night that pervades through every shot also reveals some darker undertones, reminding us of the compulsive relationship which “November Nights” was inspired by. From a musical perspective, this song is minimalistic pop that exudes feminine power. There is only an inkling of background music, but this music lays the groundwork for March’s voice and lyrics to really shine. Her lyrics affirm her self-proclaimed reputation as an “open-book” artist, dealing with this deep topic in an approachable way, writing lyrics as though she’s texting.

Watch the video for “November Nights” here, and be sure to check out March’s non-musical endeavors as well! In her weekly Instagram live show “Wednesday Sessions,” March brings in an artist to perform and engage with. She will also be a social ambassador for Rihanna’s SAVAGExFENTY line, giving her an opportunity to combine her love of music with her obviously stellar fashion sense that we see in the “November Nights” music video. She certainly is on the rise, and you’ll want to catch her on her way up.

Katy Mombourquette