by katy mombourquette

“What’s in a Name”, the lead single off of Jeni Schapire’s upcoming EP, is a window into the story-rich lyricism and soulful vocals that frame fractured relationships, pressures to compromise, and questions of identity. “What’s in a Name” deals with the third; Schapire molds images of her artistry, her name, and even her identity itself into melodies that gently soar across their sonic space. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter writes indie experimental pop songs, a genre that, in “What’s in a Name”, initially manifests itself as a background made up of fuzzy, nostalgic big band and string ensemble sound. Later, a jolting beat twitches underneath smooth-as-silk vocal lines, adding a fragmented layer to the otherwise smooth soundscape. The slow tempo, wistful orchestration, and expressive melodies give the track an overall moody sound, yet undertones of confidence peek through here and there. All of these details lead towards the final section of the song, where the beat bows out and we’re left with that blurry brass-string sound and Schapire’s ethereal voice. Together they paint the aural horizon with beautifully muted colours, creating a lovely space for the listener to immerse themselves in. Be sure to be on the lookout for “What’s in a Name”, and Schapire’s EP, which can’t get here fast enough.