2020 has marked a new chapter in the lives of many, and we have been overwhelmed with news of good changes in our friends’ lives, and, honestly? Not surprised. The creative force that seems to have supercharged this year shows no signs of slowing down, and it may have wrapped us up so tight in its existence — filled to the brim with gorgeous lyrics, magnetic chorus lines, incredible bass, and intrinsically alluring melodies — that we are JUST coming up for air and realizing TOMORROW IS VALENTINE’S DAY.

But you know what? That’s not what February is anymore. It took this long, but it doesn’t seem that each month is categorized by its major holiday. And that actually feels better than anything else. Knowing that music is transcending what it once was, and becoming a deeper reflection of our thoughts and emotions than ever before.

This month, let’s celebrate the wins. Celebrate the new songs that have entered our minds, the new sensations that bubble up from it all. Celebrate the creative efforts honed by talents such as Stumbleine, MOONZzMo Lowda & The Humble, and more!

Check back all month for more additions to the latest and greatest soundtrack to your year!

Meredith Schneider