Columbus-bred R&B talent I M a N I is coming at us with a sultry, gorgeous new video for her track “Pretty Boi.” Not only does this song perfectly display the artist’s insane proclivity for vocal range, it’s kind of the perfect track for a meet-cute at a (socially distanced) house party. (Or going through your scrapbook of memories and exes alone in your apartment with your cats. Whatever.) Explains I M a N I of the track:

This song has two phases, the love-struck phase and the heartbroken phase. In the beginning I basically explain how I’m “lost in a daze” with this guy, totally not understanding that he is only with me for his pleasure. The second verse goes into me “confronting” him, telling him my intentions while his intentions are easily seen. The guy is “pretty” but he is also a boy which displays immaturity. I knew this situation was pretty relatable and knew that there would be people who can relate this song to their life. I want the people who listen to “Pretty Boi” to understand their worth. You are definitely worth more than a “booty call”. Don’t settle down for Pretty Boys, settle down with someone who has the time and love for you.

The video was shot outside, gorgeous sunsets and greenery surrounding I M a N I as she captivates us all with the most vibe-worthy song of autumn 2020. (Seriously, read the Youtube comments if you’re not convinced. We are NOT the only ones fawning over her.)

Meredith Schneider