For fans of: Post Malone, Khalid, Russ
Holdan’s newest single “Bright Red” is a perfect addition to your “nighttime driving” playlist: The blend of dreamy Khalid-esque vocals and pop lyric motifs encapsulate the notion of gliding only on the surface; perhaps in a superficial conversation at a party like the ones in the first few seconds of the track, or while coasting along familiar highways. A punk kid at heart but no stranger to experimentation, Holdan implements features of hip hop and pop alike, drawing influence from smooth Atlanta trap beats alongside lyrical themes of feeling like an outsider from an “in-crowd”.  These feelings, shown in the setup to the chorus, are confidently declared: “People take issue…with the things that I say…they all say ‘stop’.” This track is an example of Holdan’s ability to assert his unique perspective and withdraw from a scene he does not find compatibility with, all while never disrupting the track’s mellow vibe. Shortly before releasing “Bright Red”, Holdan dropped another single “Foggy Lake”. Both are available to stream now!

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Kira Cappello