For fans of David Guetta, Post Malone, Marshmello.
Get your “Add to Playlist” button ready: The newest summer dance anthem is found in HighJak’s latest single “Mystical”. Thumping club beats, a heart-stopping EDM bass drop, and a chorus riddled with synth-pop fuse to form HighJak’s tale of finding love on the dance floor.

The first few bars of “Mystical” start out modestly, with only a curt, electrifying keyboard to signal for more. The track gains traction quickly, layering in a sharp clapping beat. HighJak’s smooth, inviting vocals echo across each other, soulful harmonies repeating key phrases, all aptly filling the space like reverb in a dance hall.

Channeling his inner EDM DJ, HighJak leads us into the chorus with a classic buildup drawn from some older house favorites, not unlike David Guetta. The succeeding thud of the drum machine fill fits so naturally you might miss it the first time, as track glides seamlessly into its peak, launching into the full soundscape of the last-night-on-Earth party scene.
Thematically, this song differs from HighJak’s other work, much of which channels Post Malone and Migos and is closer to rap or hip hop. While trap is in his repertoire, HighJak nails this party favorite – here’s hoping for more like it to come.

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