This week has been mighty hectic on our end. While retrograde season is still upon us we’re pretty sure you’re feeling it a bit too. Luckily, we’ve got your first listen to the beautiful, wandering new track from Grey Fields. The Chicago-based trio – composed of Alex Dzamtovski (vocals/guitar/keys), Adam Repp (bass/vocals), and John Polischuk (drums) – has created quite a bit of magic with this one. Titled “Weather the Storm,” it creates a sense of support and calm, the instrumentals ebbing and flowing like ocean waves enveloping you.

Explains the band: “‘Weather The Storm’ is a song comprised of three sections that flirts with ideas such as the hero’s journey, The Myth of Sisyphus and most importantly fortitude in the face of struggle.”

Check out the exclusive premiere below. Then give the band some love over on good ol’ Facebook.

“Weather the Storm” is out Friday.

Meredith Schneider