Finnish art-rock artist GEA drops her lead single “Despite” off her upcoming album Call for a Snake. The track starts out smooth and continues to build, growing stronger. As she travels through the forest, with dense trees and flowing rivers, GEA seems to go through an awakening. We are taken on a journey, but in the end GEA walks away despite her troubles.

“We are experiencing an unusually tough period of uncertainty, fear, and loss. I hope with this song we can celebrate our beautiful journey on earth regardless of our troubles,” GEA explained.

The track comes from a part of the album that is dedicated to the spirit of the swan, a representation of grace and elegance, an iconic figure in Finnish folklore. As the first single of the new album GEA sets the tone, a call for transformation and guide to healing the soul.
Watch the video for “Despite” and keep up with GEA here.

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