Have you ever been seeking out answers in a world that seems confusing and unreal? No? 2020 just happened to us? (We kid!) But, for real, soulful artist Gaidaa takes a pretty vulnerable look at life in the video for her latest single “Stranger,” which just debuted with The Fader. While the song’s lyrics highlight the fact that there is always an amount of uncertainty that comes with growth, the instrumentals provide a relaxing element to allow you to almost sink into the sound like a comfortable, plush, worn-in sofa. Gorgeous, vibrant colors light up an art studio/office setting, making the dim lighting almost a source of inspiration for the artist while the camera pans the room continuously.

We’re big fans of the song and its accompanying video. What do you think?

Director: Segraphy
Written: Segraphy & Gaidaa
AD: Johan Verhoeven
Production company: Pierette Goossens
Producer: Pierette Goossens
Production assistent: Luuk van de Ven
Edit/Grading: Johan Verhoeven
DOP: Johan Verhoeven
Gaffer: Quintijn Maas

Meredith Schneider