The first track from Fried Monk‘s upcoming Hurry Up and Wait release, “Welcome”, has a trippy music video to accompany the cacophony of syllables . Shot through the streets of Philadelphia in cold weather, the video brings attention to a few key points that we might not otherwise be focusing on right now.

Having been in self-induced quarantine for weeks at this point, this video really makes me feel a little strange from the get-go. It’s simply the artist walking the streets of a well-known American city. It shouldn’t bring more than a passing thought to my mind in its simplest form. However, I feel nostalgic, yet scared of the idea of being outside where people could be. Conflicting thoughts, however an exploration of a world outside of yourself. And that’s important right now. Add in some layering effects, and you’ve got a video we can all ponder on.

Meredith Schneider