British-born musician Enny Owl has cultivated a musical career of what could fittingly be called the musical version of the cottage-core aesthetic. Her songs feature layered vocal harmonies that echo in the mind long after listening and lyrics that enchant with the rawness of personal struggle“Nicolette”, the lead single from her upcoming Homes in Humans album, envisions Enny Owl as a spiritual guide for the listless soul of Nicolette, who searches for her own inner strength to fend off her enemies.

The soaring vocals immediately bring to mind a fairytale, with Enny Owl’s lead accompanied by lush harmonies. Strings and percussion in the background give depth to the soundscape, crafting a fantasy landscape through these familiar, Celtic-inspired timbres. The lyrics encourage the titular Nicolette to face her fears and “fend off dark forces”. “Nicolette” would fit snugly into a fantasy movie soundtrack, as the anthem for a determined protagonist who faces daunting tasks and dangerous enemies. In the words of Enny, “This song is about the fear of opening up after being hurt so many times before. It’s for the quiet and gentle-hearted. “Nicolette” is a reminder to be brave enough to find the strength and magic that was within you all along.”

The music video directed by Paula Crichton channels this fantasy feel to create a narrative, in which Enny Owl represents a “Spirit Guide” to the wandering Nicolette. Enny Owl sings in a forest glowing golden, surrounded by glittering magic. The beautiful costuming dresses Enny in a classic cottage-core look, donning puffy white sleeves, purple hair, and a tiara worthy of elven royalty. The character of Nicolette (Ariel Barber) wears a crimson cape, reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood. Though, Nicolette is not taken in by the wolf. She confronts her hunters head-on, with Enny’s spirit as support. 

More magical narratives await with the release of Homes in Humans, set for November 3, 2023. Each upcoming song is based on one of Enny’s listeners, and they are sure to prove just as entrancing as “Nicolette”. Now based in Los Angeles, Enny Owl is represented by Weird Sister Records.

Let the spirit of Enny Owl’s voice enchant you!

Caitlin Moehrle