If you’re looking for a track with an energy unlike any other you’ve experienced recently, Elsie and Mayhem’s new track “Cherry Bomb” is equal parts theatrical, rock, and psychedelic sidekick. They’ve created a monster of a track with the new single, and we’re thrilled to premiere it.

The Portland, Oregon-based alt duo also happens to be a couple, but their backstory isn’t what you’d imagine. In January 2020, they were struggling with their marriage and headed for divorce. Says singer/songwriter Elsie Black (Emily Alexander):

We’ve been together for almost 20 years, and we were at a place where most couples would have said f-it. But we found we were willing to work on songs together and that meant we were willing to work on us. What we couldn’t talk about overtly, we communicated to each other with lyrics.

Creating this work probably saved them, and the emotion involved in that process is evident in “Cherry Bomb.” Get your ears on it below!

Meredith Schneider