Philadelphia-based duo Dom & Jesse share their latest single “Can’t Help Myself”. It is a mix of pop melodies with soulful rhythms, destined to be a song used in the next TikTok trend. In a time like we are in right now, you want to break all the rules to be with the one you love and that’s what the duo is trying to convey here. Sometimes there is just a magnetic connection that is so hard to resist, it will pull you in.

Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Dilemma, they were able to create an upbeat track that is perfect for their sound and will pull in new fans. Blending current styles and classic storytelling, Dom & Jesse have a similar style to artists like Liam Payne, Charlie Puth, and the Jonas Brothers. It is easy on the ears and would be a great addition to a pop workout playlist. Their vocals float through the track with a beat that will keep your head bopping. You won’t be able to help yourself from playing this song on repeat, so dive into the sounds of Dom & Jesse now.

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