Today, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of Devil Love’s “Everywhere Leads The Sound” alongside its new lyric video. The first track off their upcoming release Broken Things (February 12), it sets the tone for an album rich in meaning and replete with the unique blend of genres the band is known for. “Everywhere Leads The Sound” clearly bends to the ’90s alt-rock scene, with lighter vocals that bring the overall tone of the song to a softer place.

Typically, when you hear a song with heavy drums and a rougher guitar riff, you don’t necessarily consider it a lullaby. But Devil Love is here to prove that theory incorrect. The band’s willingness to be vulnerable while exhibiting strength in sound is a testament to their work as men outside of the band. Explains Peter Buzzelle of the inspiration behind the track:

This song was originally inspired by my very busy first born daughter, who was later diagnosed with ADHD. The song then morphed into a more broad comment on society and the need to take in life with gratitude.

We’re excited to learn more lessons with Devil Love as they continue to tease the upcoming album.

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Meredith Schneider