The Dawn Drapes are Michael Sanzo and Daniel Rice. This musical duo formed in Harrisonburg, VA in 2010, and has been cultivating their sound with notable influences of shoegaze and psych-wave over the years. Their newest release is an indie masterpiece complete with beautiful melodies and splendid strings. “You Are The One” is the latest single to further the anticipation for their full-length album expected sometime this year. This single was recorded at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia with producer Shane Woods and musicians Noah Skaroff and Keaton Thandi.

At first listen, you’ll probably start to unravel all the layers of this song, and perhaps want to listen on repeat to take it all in again and again. Whether it’s the songwriting, fresh melodies, smooth synths, or tappy high-hat percussion, this song will only do wonders for your indie ears. The vibe of this duo is something so familiar, yet so foreign at the same time – it’s apparent they didn’t follow a recipe to make this song, but instead tapped into their most creative selves and made some magic. If you’re looking to build some new playlists for this year, then be sure to add this song, and give Dawn Drapes a follow on Spotify.

Sadie Battle