Genre-bending Americana artist Danielia Cotton is squaring up to release a tribute EP titled Charley’s Pride: Songs from a Black Cowboy Vol. I. In anticipation of that, she is sharing songs from the release in the lead-up. The first single came on Charley Pride’s birthday in March, and yesterday, the second hint of work was released with “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'”.

Cotton’s spin on the song brings a bit of brightness to the classic, with her signature soulful crooning taking center stage.

Explains Cotton: “The lyric, ‘Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’, and love ‘em like the devil when you get back home,’ speaks to the dichotomy of a woman with respect to the parts of herself she displays within her relationship to keep things fresh and new. The playfulness of the track musically and vocally reflects this, while the hook is infectious as a summer hit you play to let your hair down.”

What a wild time to be exploring this dichotomy, and a beautiful time of year to release such an amazing cover.

The song in its original form is being recognized this month as it is inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame at Grammy Museum’s inaugural Grammy Hall of Fame Gala and concert on May 21, 2024.

Meredith Schneider