London-based, female-fronted trio Dance Lessons released their single “New Job” today. The track comes on the heels of their successful “domineering debut” single “SMABTO.” “New Job” is what Dance Lessons defines as “serrated pop,” and shows off jagged, zany harmonies. It shines a light on the shared experience that two people may have after a breakup as they both distract themselves from their sadness. Though, the song was conceived before a breakup had happened, and ended up becoming a sort of “self-fulfilling prophecy.” This electric dance-pop hit is accompanied by a vivid music video that was filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown in LA. The dancers had no crew and minimal gear but managed to film a hauntingly beautiful interpretive dance in the deserted streets.

Parallels between the music and dance are found throughout the entire video. There is a nice give and take between the two vocalists in the track, and there’s also a strong interplay between the dance and the song. The moves echo the rhythm of the words, every step is in tandem with the music. Just as the video progresses through different scenes in the area, the music explores different sonic features, such as the wispy background vocals, plucky guitar, and the electronic wind-like blur that drifts in the background. Color plays a prominent visual role in the music video, just as the groovy harmonies in the bridge add color to the music. These parallels are captivating, so when the music fades out, you’re confronted with the eerie silence of the once-bustling LA street, save for a faint siren in the background.

Keep up with the snazzy trio on twitter and instagram, and check out their groundbreaking debut single here.

Katy Mombourquette

Katy Mombourquette

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