Rolling, bright and temperate: “Looking for Anyone” is the newest single from self-described “easy listening” group Common Hours, and it’s perfect for a back porch at twilight.

This track invites us in with warm shoegazey strums met by a texturizing, Southern-esque guitar leads from guitarist Dillon VanBuren. A steady kick drum and ride cymbal, via August George, effectively secure infectious head-nodding throughout. Backed by sugary harmonies from Ariel Roxanne Cook, lead vocalist Adam Black’s croons hazily illustrate the smooth, mono-mood of “Looking For Anyone”. Cook’s bass parts are pleasantly present in the mix, supplying a satisfying foundation for the floatiness that is a marker for this track; as lead guitar mimics the chorus melody, providing a predictability that is comforting but not cliché. The lyrics are distant enough to allow for objective interpretation, but personal enough to relay Black’s qualms about rushing into love to quickly, weighed down by lingering anxieties from previous relationships. “Looking For Anyone” is about anything but, as Black wonders aloud: “I’m not just looking for anyone. Can I get you to know that I need your love?”

This single is Common Hour’s newest release since a 2018 EP titled A Life Worth Living.

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Kira Cappello