Looking for a song that will kick you in the balls? (Think Fefe Dobson teaming up with Machine Gun Kelly.) “Bad Day” by Charlotte Sands is equal parts electro-pop and nightclub, entirely danceable and entirely too fun not to be into. A little bite, a bass drop, and an upbeat, anthemic feel help to pack a punch with some slightly depressing lyrics. But, I mean, who hasn’t had a bad day lately? What’s more? The chorus itself feels like it comes directly out of the darker, adult version of Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I had a no good, really bad, messed up day
And I’m stressed out, super sad, not okay
I’m never getting better, no, it’s not a phase
And I like it that way (Like it that way)

Admits the artist of the track:

So often in life, we’re told to be positive and get over things quickly, but I’ve always felt that we need to fully feel every emotion in order to move on. ‘Bad Day’ is about recognizing your lows so that you’re able to grow. When everything feels like it’s going wrong and the world is falling down around you, leaning into that feeling of being at rock bottom is sometimes the only thing that can make you better.

I mean, who isn’t into that?

Meredith Schneider