Like many sidelined performers during the lockdown, Irish artist Luz flexed her creative muscles, releasing three singles in 2020 (‘we’ll be fine’; ‘I’m lonely’; and ‘the author’) and one in April of 2021 (‘counting houses’). Her most recent single ‘permanent +1’ drops on August 5 via Platoon. Luz has this to say about the new single:

’permanent +1’ is about the person in your life who is always there. Yes, they are the person you take with you to your cousin’s wedding, to a birthday party and to your family’s Sunday dinner. But they are also the person you take grocery shopping, who comes with you to a doctor’s visit and who helps you do your laundry.

Luz has employed spare instrumentals on ‘permanent +1’, relying primarily on her voice which was the perfect choice. Luz also has a skill for storytelling that belies her age of 20 years. Her lyrics in ‘permanent +1’ put you in the middle of conversations that you know you have had with that person in your life: 

When you’re trying to sleep and I’ve lots on my mind,
…My over explanation is irritating and you say it’s fine, it’s always fine,

…And you want my advice on something that we’ve been through about a hundred times,
You’re overanalyzing it, it’s always fine, it’s always fine with me.

Luz is celebrating the relationships in our lives that sustain us. I love this song and the message Luz has communicated. It will definitely find a spot on my newest playlist.

Elizabeth Schneider