my brothers and i talk  “when you’re ready”, being musical sponges

my brothers and i talk “when you’re ready”, being musical sponges

Portland-based alt/pop My Brothers and I might be busy prepping for the release of their EP material, but the next piece in that EP puzzle belongs to “When You’re Ready”, for which the music video has been taking center stage since its release in late May.

We’re absolutely smitten with this quintet, so we decided to do a quick interview to celebrate all their (amazing!) release news as of late. Check it out below!


How did you all meet?

Scott, Erik, and I (David) are really brothers, so we met because we had to. Then Jordan and Scott have been besties since 2nd Grade and Jordan held me when I was a baby. So he is basically our brother.

Your song “When You’re Ready” has a very unique sound, what inspired that?

For the entire EP coming soon, we wanted to write pop music and have it feel like it could be on Top 40 radio, while also staying true to what makes us different. In most of our new songs, we have a mixture of real instruments and samples. We wanted to create a hybrid that competes with a lot of the digitally created pop music you hear, without going full-blown digital. We have a lot of real piano, real guitar, real drums, and real bass, while also throwing in some synths and 808 drum beats. This is especially shown off in When You’re Ready. The vibe may feel familiar, but the execution is what we feel sets it apart. It’s organic pop!

The video for “When You’re Ready” has an interesting story that revolves around a dissatisfied model. How did you come up with the concept for the video?

The “When You’re Ready” music video idea was actually brought to us by the producer of the video. He reached out and pitched his idea and we really liked it right away. We knew we didn’t want the video to just be a direct narrative of the lyrical content and his idea felt like a pretty cool metaphor that makes sense with the lyrics without being a direct representation. We had a blast working on it and are super happy with how it turned out.

Who inspires you as artists?

We are all a bunch of music sponges. We love to listen to music and are constantly listening to the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify. So more recently we have been vibing on that new Shawn Mendes album (no shame). In general we have always been inspired by bands and artists like John Mayer, OneRepublic, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, The Roots, and so many others.

Where to you hope to see yourself musically in the next five years?

I think we would love to be settling into a nice career and a nice rhythm of being full time musicians. This journey has been so much fun and taken a ton of work and will continue to take a ton of work, but I think if we could be releasing a 3rd or 4th album by then and have a solid foundation and fan base, that would be a huge blessing. For us, we just want to change lives. It sounds cliché but we aren’t just doing music because it’s fun. We want to make a difference in people’s lives and touch people’s souls with our music. Make them feel something deeper than just surface level. If we get to a place where we can be playing and releasing music and use our platform to be a light in this world, that would be reaching our ultimate goal.

If you could describe your sound, what would it be?

I think organic pop is probably the best way to describe our sound. We love all types of music. We grew up on jazz and rock and hip hop and blues. We try to just be ourselves when we write and not stray away from that jazzy guitar lick, or that fat hip hop drum beat. We find ways to implement the past in a pop way with real instruments.

What is your favorite part about working together as a band?

Collaborating in everything we do is so much fun. Whether its ideas for live shows, writing songs, or what to do for an Instagram story, we all just love being around each other and goofing off. We try not to take things too seriously and just stay true to who we are. If you ever get a chance to see us live, we think this shines through. We just have a blast and I basically view every transition as a chance to make the crowd laugh or smile… and occasionally cry (in a good way).

Keep up with My Brothers & I here, and preorder their EP here.

ellen starski, “missing you”

ellen starski, “missing you”

Nashville-based songwriter Ellen Starski delivers a beautiful folk-rock ode to the ups and downs of a relationship with her new video for “Missing You” from her debut solo album The Days When Peonies Prayed for the Ants. The combination of the black-and-white tone of the video with the title of the song sets up the expectation of heartbreak, but the video does more than that. It shows its viewers the stages of this couple’s relationship, allowing for a somber narrative that emphasizes the importance of emotion rather than what you see happening in front of you. Starski explains the ambiguity of the video, saying “there’s truly no message attached to the song, it’s there for an audience to take from it what they will.”

Starski’s thoughtful lyrics shine through the gloominess of the video, showing her ability to create something personal that truly expresses how she feels, and the viewer can feel that as well. It’s more than your typical sad music video, and Starski wanted to show “the rise and fall of [this] relationship that was more than just the traditional flashback scenes and performances that seem to be the trend.” As a result, “Missing You” is a sad yet powerful song with a video that depicts the reality of many people’s lives and relationships.

Check out the video here and keep up with Ellen Starski on her website.

clearance, “had a fantastic”

clearance, “had a fantastic”

Chicago-based rock/lo-fi band Clearance recently released their brand new music video for new track “Had a Fantastic”, and we’re totally digging it. This is the first video released from their upcoming full-length release At Your Leisure. Visually pleasing – with a bit of that vintage feel to the muted colors -, the video displays the band playing in a largely empty room. Greenery appeals to the plant lady demographic of today, with the band singing matter of fact lyrics and drawing you into their esthetic little by little.

“Had a Fantastic” does not disappoint. So grab your disposable camera and let’s get going!

At Your Leisure is out July 27th and is available for preorder now.

jerry castle, “room to dance”

jerry castle, “room to dance”

Nashville-based folk rock artist Jerry Castle has been making waves with his brand of Americana for quite some time now, and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve got the exclusive premiere of his brand new lyric video for “Room to Dance”. The sweet, slowly meandering track about a special connection between two people is absolutely beautiful, allowing for his rough vocals to add a depth to it all that might not otherwise be present. And while the lyric video is pretty straight forward – providing the lyrics scrolling across a red – at times glittering – backdrop, the song itself provides some introspective moments that will help you welcome June in a positive mood.

Says Jerry of the track:

“Room to Dance” was the very last songs written for the album.  I had already mastered the album, so obviously I had no intention of putting any additional songs on it.  But one day in Nov 2017, my buddy Carey Ott came over for a hang and we got into this conversation about the magical impact that strangers sometimes have on your life.  The next thing you know, we had our guitars in hand, trying to write a song about it.  It wasn’t until we wrote the first line of the chorus “you’ve got to get out of line while there’s time, time to take, time to take a chance” that I realized this song fit right into the theme of the album and I started getting really excited about it.  A day later I was recording the song in my studio.  Collectively, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album and it has the least amount of instrumentation of any song on the album.

“Room to Dance” is available now. Keep up with Jerry Castle here.

punchline, “friend from the future”

punchline, “friend from the future”

Pop-punk quartet Punchline just released a video for their latest single “Friend From The Future.” The single is off of their eighth and latest album Lion. As you may have guessed, the video is as quirky as the singles title. Starting off the video opens to a slide captioned “When you’re 87 years old, you won’t be able to watch this for the first time.” Yes my mind had to re-read that. It then follows, “In case you’re 87 now, in which case, that’s rad you’re watching our video!” I finally started to grasp the video’s “into the future” theme. Aside from the creative intro, the video keeps you interested with bright flashing lights, slideshow inspired here and their captions, colorful outfits and highlights on each band member. The songwriting is equally amazing with one liners like “The clock starts ticking but never stops,” and “God I wonder why the past tense comes last.” My favorite lyric is “It’s not your age that’s bringing down.” A line that could not be more true, is one of many on “Friend From The Future,” an anthem for the “here and now.”

Keep up with Punchline here.

scarlet sails, “hideaway”

scarlet sails, “hideaway”

Scarlet Sails just released a new video for their latest single “Hideaway”. The rock band is made up of Russian born Olya Viglione, former The Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Scarlet, guitarist Mark Kohut, and bassist Kevin Jones. “Hideaway” follows up on the band’s 2017 debut album Future From The Past. Now, “Hideaway” is just the first of many 2018 projects for the rock band. Inspired by retro rock, Scarlet Sails brings a fresh twist on a classic sound on “Hideaway.”

The video is visually aesthetic in turn. Set in a Victorian-era setting, we see Olya playing ukulele from her vanity, and searching up and down the halls for her ‘hideaway.’ “Every thing I do, every thing I say…you’re my hideaway,” sings Olya with airy vocals. The song comes together with guitar solos and very present drums. Combined with Olya’s distinctive voice, Scarlet Sails really breaks through on “Hideaway.”

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