the flaming lips release greatest hits collection

the flaming lips release greatest hits collection

If you’re a fan of The Flaming Lips, then listen up! The classic rock band is giving a gift beyond your wildest dreams. As one of the most well known and influential rock band of their time, The Flaming Lips are pleased to announce the release of their first ever “hits” collection. The best news? The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is officially out today via Warner Bros. Records. The collection will be available as a vinyl edition and as a deluxe edition (3-CD and digital).

The Flaming Lips offer so much in this collection, starting with debut hits such as “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart” (1993), “Clouds Taste Metallic” (1995), “The Soft Bulletin” (1999) and more recent tracks like “Yoshimi Battles”, “The Pink Robots” (2002), “At War With The Mystics” (2006), “Embryonic” (2009), and their current album “Oczy Mlody” (2017). If that weren’t enough, The Flaming Lips also include added specials such as studio outtakes, unreleased tracks, and international single B-sides on the deluxe edition. Other features include “Zero To A Million,” the unreleased demo track, “Spider-Man Vs Muhammed Ali” and “Silent Lord.” The collection is a great complication of the unique and creative sound that The Flaming Lips has spent so many years building. Here are the tracks for the two editions:

Tracklisting for Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Vinyl edition)

Side One:
1. Do You Realize??
2. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
3. Race For The Prize
4. Waitin’ For A Superman
5. When You Smile
6. She Don’t Use Jelly

Side Two:
1. Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)
2. The W.A.N.D.
3. Silver Trembling Hands
4. The Castle
5. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

Tracklisting for Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition (3-CD & Digital)

Disc 1:
1. Talkin’ ‘Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants
To Live Forever)

2. Hit Me Like You Did The First Time
3. Frogs
4. Felt Good To Burn
5. Turn It On
6. She Don’t Use Jelly
7. Chewin The Apple Of Your Eye
8. Slow Nerve Action
9. Psychiatric Explorations of The Fetus With Needles
10. Brainville
11. Lightning Strikes The Postman
12. When You Smile
13. Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)
14. Riding To Work In The Year 2025
15. Race For The Prize (Sacrifice Of The New Scientists)
16. Waitin’ For A Superman (Is It Getting Heavy?)
17. The Spark That Bled
18. What Is the Light?

Disc 2:
1. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
2. In The Morning Of The Magicians
3. All We Have Is Now
4. Do You Realize??
5. The W.A.N.D.
6. Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung
7. Vein Of Stars
8. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
9. Convinced Of The Hex
10. See The Leaves
11. Silver Trembling Hands
12. Is David Bowie Dying?
13. Try To Explain
14. Always There In Our Hearts
15. How??
16. There Should Be Unicorns
17. The Castle

Disc 3:
1. Zero to A Million (Demo)
2. Jets (Cupid’s Kiss Vs The Psyche Of Death) (2-Track Demo)
3. Thirty-Five Thousand Feet Of Despair
4. The Captain
5. 1000 Ft. Hands
6. Noodling Theme (Epic Sunset Mix #5)
7. Up Above The Daily Hum
8. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (In Anatropous Reflex)
9. We Can’t Predict The Future
10. Your Face Can Tell The Future
11. You Gotta Hold On
12. What Does It Mean?
13. Spider-man Vs Muhammed Ali
14. I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow
15. Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2
16. If I Only Had A Brain
17. Silent Night / Lord, Can You Hear Me

You can order the collection here. Keep up with them here.

freedom fry, classic

freedom fry, classic

Freedom Fry is set to release their debut album Classic Friday, June 1st. I know Freedom Fry fondly as I recently reviewed their single off of Classic “Cold Blooded Heart.”  Freedom Fry is an indie duo, whose voices were meant to be together.  The duo consists of Parisian born Marie Seyrat, and Michigan born Bruce Driscoll.   “Die Tryin” is the second single release off of Classic.  A regretful love song, Freedom Fry sings on what could have been done differently.  “I’m the worst, I’m a first class jerk, but I need you tonight,” Bruce humbly sings.  “Oh I’m going to get you or I’m gonna die tryin,” belts the chorus.  What may seem like a hopeless track at first, turns into a sweet, romantic track and the will to “die tryin” to do right by a lover.

Of course, I love “Cold Blooded Heart,” a not so romantic track cursing a heart breaker with “Cold blooded heart, yeah that’s how I pegged you from the start.”  “Awake,” remains a little more upbeat and even “tropical.”  “Awake! Here we go,” harmonize the duo.  The song remains lifted with sounds of ukulele, bongos, and whistles.  Shifting from the somber side of Freedom Fry, “Awake” simply remains a positive feel-good, indie song.  One really cool thing about the release of Classic, is the album trailer.  The artsy trailer on YouTube feature Emma Kenney (Yes, Debbie from the hit Showtime series, Shameless.) Emma navigates her way around downtown through coffee shops, thrift, and record stores with her walkman cassette player as each song off of Classic is previewed.  The trailer is really something, as Freedom Fry allows a sneak preview of their debut album in an aesthetic and cinematic nature.

Classic is out tomorrow. Keep up with Freedom Fry here.

tancred, nightstand

tancred, nightstand

Tancred is excited to release their latest album, Nightstand.  The release of Nightstand follows up on the well praised 2016 album Out of the Garden.  The album rounds out with eleven tracks, the first fittingly titled “Song One.”  It is slow, sweet, and at 1:44 it is all too brief.  Jess Abbott (Tancred) shows off her vulnerability on this track.  “I will not lie to you, these words will be true,” leads the first line of Nightstand.  “Why must she love someone else?” wonders Tancred.  “Apple Tree Girl” has a folk indie vibe to it, with some interesting lyrics.  “Drink my heart out, drink it up,” and “send me a photo, the two of us in the unknown,” make for interesting and almost emo lyrics.

I really enjoy Tancred’s “Underwear”.  The song starts off slow and self-loathing, almost punk.  “I don’t want to fight you, I’m already fighting me…and I’m losing,” sings Jess before the guitar comes in.  The quirky title comes from the electric song line: “Remember when we were in the halls at 5am in our underwear running from ghosts and in my room I was learning that you were soft.” “Rowing” the last track on Nightstand, equally mirrors “Song One” and again shows the artist’s honesty and vulnerability.  “I am crude and sweet in bed, I am gentle in a dress,” sings Tancred.  With a taste of rock and tambourine, tinged with Tancred’s simple vocals, “Rowing” is a series of positive, gentle thoughts.

Nightstand, in one word, is diverse.  It shows Tancred’s ability to navigate through a series of genres and styles, while remaining true as an artist.

Look for Nightstand which will be out June 1st 2018. Keep up with Tancred here.

iako releases debut ep

iako releases debut ep

IAKO is excited to release his debut EP Queen of Balance. Raised in Venice,  IAKO (also known as Jacopo Rosetto) draws inspiration for his music through memories of canals, poetry, and relaxing soundscapes.  His EP consists of six tracks in total which include his single “Paint” and “Queen of Balance.”  “Paint” is a soulful track with powerful lyrics. “My heart is yours/You can paint it as you want,” sings IAKO.  A love song of hopeless infatuation, the track is almost, in a sense, sad.  “You can play with it as you want,” IAKO  says of his heart.  Combining the sounds of IAKO’s beautiful voice, piano, and lyrical thoughtfulness, “Paint” will take your heart home.

Title track “Queen of Balance,” remains a little more fast paced but keeps a somber mood.  “I’m no king, and you’re the queen of balance,” proclaims IAKO.  Also realizing sadness, IAKO asks “Why would you crush the fortress we built?”  A plead to his queen, IAKO sings of the king he will never be.  My favorite line is “You bring me down, so down,” because while hurt remains, how can you not see the person you love a royalty regardless of actions?  My favorite song on this EP is “Vanishing Point.”  Unlike most of the tracks, “Vanishing Point” starts off with a jazzy upbeat feel.  It remains hopeful and references art in a fascinating way.  “We’re just two parallel lines, so close but so far from the vanishing point, from the vanishing point.”  “Take my silence, and decorate your walls,” the song pleads.

Queen of Balance is an emotive display of indie-folk with lyrical creativity that really makes you want to listen.

Queen of Balance is out now. Keep up with IAKO here.

amy owens, haethor

amy owens, haethor

Although there are many ways to describe electronica’s newest sweetheart Amy Owens, one of the most accurate would have to be “charismatic.” As one of the only artists that own her type of special sound, there is a lot of freedom in the way she performs and records and fans all around the world are eating it up. Most recently, the long awaited album, Haethor is being prepared to be released and is scheduled to drop this Friday, May 25. Along with a single that had an incredible debut on IMPOSE, “Hook”, twelve other tracks have been put together that compose her full length album. Unconventional beauty is showcased as one of Owens’ specialties in each of the tracks which is sure to satisfy fans that have been long awaiting its release.

Like all of her releases in the past, Haethor, named after the Egyptian goddess of music, is the unorthodox combination of electronica and intense operatic bursts throughout each track. As a talented soprano, Owens owns each jump in pitch with apparent ease that grans the attention of the listener and pulls them even deeper into the almost psychedelic atmosphere that her unique soundscape creates.

Although all of the tracks on this new album come together under the same unique style, they are written from a diverse range of backgrounds and view points that assure each track can stand on its own. As each track weaves between operatic scales, to electronica, to complex sonic landscapes, one may wonder from where Owens draws her inspiration. Speaking on this subject, she stated,

“I don’t think about drawing from any style in particular, but I am very much aware that my tastes are shaped by the music with which I surround myself. Mostly, that’s classical music, because that’s what I do. A lot of the music I listen to is fairly complex, which is why I tend to write polyphonic and layered parts. And of course, everything has to be fun to sing. You’re talking to a girl who does bel canto, after all. “The Hook” is really difficult to sing, truth be told, but so is opera, so I’m used to it.”

Clearly, this young artist has much to offer to a variety of fans across a very wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. Not only does this allow Owens to expand her fan following at a rapid pace, but it also gives her music the room that it requires to find place in the hearts of fans all over the world. With so much in store for her fans, it will be exciting to see how she keeps us on our toes next.

The album is available now.

jon patrick walker, you and i

jon patrick walker, you and i

As a well known actor for 25 years on TV,  film, and Broadway (receiving praise for the role King George in HamiltonJon Patrick Walker has leapt in the music scene of songwriting and singing after the release of his first album The Guilty Party .  Soon after Walker released his second album People Going Somewhere.  Now, the multi-talented artist is thrilled at the release of You & I, his latest EP.  The EP is composed of six tracks, including the title track “You and I.”  The first track “Your Open Hand,” is an innocent love song.  Jon is joined by actress and his wife, Hope Davis.  Their voices blend perfectly together and the lyrics are touching as Hope and Jon sing to each other “Your open hand- and in your open heart, a brand new start.”

“I Can’t Not Do the Robot (When I’m Dancing With You)” is drastically different from “Your Open Hand,” as the song pays homage to early rock and is a funky bop.  “I can’t not do the robot when I’m with you!,”  Jon enthusiastically shouts. Some tracks take a somber more reflective note like “I Won’t Sit Around & Cry.”  Singing on the love that he wishes he had, Jon realizes that while he waits- he won’t be sulking in the meantime.  “I want a real love…I want to feel love- but I won’t sit around and cry,” laments Walker.  My favorite line is “Say it’s not the destination, it’s the journey no matter how lonely I am.”  The folky song will have you feeling wishy washy but a little lifted as you listen to Jon patiently wait, with no tears in the meantime.

My favorite track is “You and I.”  This jazzy title track has a little bit of everything; Jon’s soft airy vocals, love infused lyrics, the feeling of a live jazz band in a coffee shop, and even some whistling.  “Raise the flag, just so long as it is black- I’ll make it green for earth, blue for sky, red for love- for you and I,” Walker sings on “You and I,”  as his beautiful use of imagery shows not only his knack for writing but also for creativity.  The EP holds a variety of folk, alternative, and jazz and has something for all music lovers alike.

You & I is available now. Keep up with Jon Patrick Walker here.