After 15 months of online shows and showcases, I am getting excited to see live music again. The best lead-up to seeing new artists in person is the new music that is being released. The first captivating song of the summer arrived on June 10, “Losers”. BXB LOVE, the musical alter-ego of Natasha Pheko, has brought us a tune that is buoyant and thoughtful at the same time.

Written and performed by LOVE, “Losers” employs the use of an upbeat melody and spot-on lyrics to convey the message that we can all relate to:

Too cool for falling love
Taking yourself way too serious
It’s time to rip off the bandaid babe
And smile through the pain (ya)

BXB LOVE “encourages people to take a good look at all of the parts of themselves – the good, the bad, and the ugly – with acceptance, love and compassion”. “Losers” speaks to the part of us that wants to fit in with what is ‘normal’, in a world where ‘normal’ is not a reality. You will find yourself humming – or singing – this song long after it has ended.


Elizabeth Schneider