Experimental darkwave collective BARK releases their enticingly layered track “Malady” today, and we’ve got your first listen. Though the collaboration itself comes from New York City at present, the origins of the three-person project – effortlessly crafted by Alessio Casalini, Alexey Artemov and Marc Potts – are far-reaching, and include Italy and Ukraine. We’re particular fans of the way BARK’s sound tends to bring out the gorgeous textures and audio quirks of the places they’ve been, perspectives they’ve experienced. The robust, almost warm, vocals are enchanting enough to propel the track, however, the composition and its ever-evolving pace is too interesting not to have an equal role in the intensity of this beast of a track.

Says Marc Potts of the track: “’Malady’ is about the appreciation of change or transitions.  It tries to attribute an aesthetic of sickness or ‘malady’ as a transition point for something powerful and/or resilient. So embrace malady as a stepping point through adversity.”

I’m not sure about you, but I can hear the power in this song. Try it on for size below!

Meredith Schneider