henry green, “shift”

henry green, “shift”

Bristol-based electronic/R&B singer Henry Green has just released “Shift”, the title track off his forthcoming debut album, which is out March 30. His LP will be out via Akira Records, having already released two acclaimed EPs. He has also dropped “Without You”, which you can listen to here. “Shift” is a smooth, electronic track filled with airy vocals from Green. It provides a sense of whirling around within the listener’s experience.

Says Henry Green “Shift” is all about movement “The whole album is based around this theme, but none more so than this track. It felt like a very natural theme to explore and one that I constantly gravitated towards when writing lyrics or describing the evolution of a track. I wanted to make the album feel like it was constantly in motion; moving at a variety of paces, pushing and pulling in different ways but always feeling like progression. Lyrically, ’Shift’ refers to the sensation of falling, unaware of when you’ll reach an end but enjoying the loss of control and feeling of weightlessness.”

Keep an eye out for Shift, out on March 30.
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san scout sounds “familiar”

san scout sounds “familiar”

London-based duo San Scout has just dropped their single, “Familiar”. Comprised of Fred and Jonny, San Scout has put out an enthralling track, filled with dreamy vocals and one heck of a beat. Known for their “glitch-pop” sound, San Scout’s off-center music hits all the right places. You wouldn’t guess their songs are made in DIY, makeshift studios around London, but San Scout’s signature is effortlessness. They have seen success with their previous singles, “You Instead” and “Hold Fire”, among others, since their creation in early 2016.

With lyrics that will make you nostalgic for something or somewhere you don’t even know, pulling on your heartstrings and leave you breathless, “Familiar” is a definite bop. A song that sounds like a musical refuge, you’ll want to listen to “Familiar” over and over again. Says San Scout of their work, “Still pushing ahead with this project despite some pretty sound advice from family friends. We’re pleased to introduce ‘Familiar’. We can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for San Scout.

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earhart, “a cross”

earhart, “a cross”

London-based quartet Earhart have just released their debut single, “A Cross” on February 9 – a track teeming with rocking guitar, and edgy percussion. Composed of frontman Joe Tennant, Daniel Green on guitar, Aaron Dolby’s bass and drums by Harry Lane, Earhart was formed in 2017 and looks to continue to provide a unique sound. Earhart gets their name from the famed aviator, Amelia Earhart, and they do her homage with songs that make you feel like you’re flying too. The fourpiece serves a slice of inspiration and reality with “A Cross”, as Tennant provides pivotal vocals. A magnificent riff is the cherry on top of “A Cross”, tinged with an emotion packed “baaaaby” from Tennant; it’s the perfect song for all your air-guitar needs.

Says Tennant of the single: “It’s about self-destruction and resurrection.Detachment from the world. Reflections of an outsider looking in.Trying not to drown in a society of lost souls. A feeling of being the only sane one, and holding on to inner-fire when nothing else matters”. With an undeniably catchy beat, “A Cross” is here to stay.

“A Cross” by Earhart is out now, via Fauna Records. Give it a listen or maybe keep it on repeat, like we did.

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echo bloom talks names, album creation, influences

echo bloom talks names, album creation, influences

Echo Bloom’s founder and frontman Kyle Evans creates rigorous, detailed and well-thought out music. With the creation of Echo Bloom, Evans took their freshman album Jamboree and honed specific songs to create Blue, Red, and now, their latest album, Green. Accompanied by vocalist/keyboardist Aviva Jaye, Alex Minier playing bass and Cody Rahn on drums, Evans has created a collection of music that covers a variety of soundscapes and genres. Echo Bloom has been based in a variety of places, recently in New York City, and the multitude of locations mirrors the multitude of sounds they put out. Keep an eye out for Echo Bloom’s Green, out March 9th.

We were able to catch up with Echo Bloom recently — here’s what they had to say:

Echo Bloom is an evocative name. How did it come about?

The Baby Boom generation were folks born post WWII, so ~1946-1964.  I heard once the phrase “Echo Boom” talking about the generation of kids that the baby boom generation had.  My family always gardened a lot – we had this great big vegetable garden in our backyard – so “Echo Boom” became “Echo Bloom”.

Favorite live show played to date?

Breminale, in Bremen, Germany, in 2016.  We performed under this beautiful circus tent, and it was our bass player Alex’s birthday, so we got about 500 folks to sing to him on stage before we started.  It was about 400 degrees out and there a ton of lights, so everyone was *covered* in sweat by the time the show was done.  But we got two encores, and ended the night at kind of this hub of Bremen called “Heartbreak Hotel” singing and toasting and laughing.  It was the 8th or 9th show of a 60 date tour, and set the tone really nicely.

Recording: disciplined and rigorous or laid back jam sesh style?

More on the disciplined and rigorous side.  We went into the recording of a record we put out a few years ago with a note-by-note score of everything, so the actual recording was more a documentation effort. We’ve gotten a little more away from that – we work more as a band to collaboratively arrange everything. But once we get in the studio, we usually have a very good idea of how everything is going to turn out.

Biggest influences for Green?

Ah, that’s tough.  Musically – Big Star, Brian Eno, Neutral Milk Hotel, Debussy, and Pink Floyd.  Lyrically -Georges Seurat, John Steinbeck, and Carl Sandburg.

Best part of touring?

The family.  I am constantly amazed and humbled by the generosity and spirit of giving that we experience on the road.  There is an amazing community of people that support art and go to shows – and being on tour allows you to experience that directly.

How did you come up with the idea for the album processes evolving from and following Jamboree?

It was pretty intentional.  I finished Jamboree and took stock of what we’d come up with – there were a lot of good songs on there, but stylistically it was too diverse to make for any kind of consistent listening experience.  We had a reggae song, a metal song, a country song, a weird French-sounding song.  It was a *ton* of fun to make, but listening back to it – I mean, maybe we’re not a metal band?  Maybe we’re not a reggae band?  So I did an audit, and tried to figure out what the best songs were on the album.  I took the three best songs, and wrote albums around each of them.  The first was Blue (off of the song ‘The Prostitute’), then last year’s Red (off of the song ‘The Businessman’), and now Green (off of the song ‘The English Teacher’).

If you had one word to describe Echo Bloom to someone who had never heard of you, what would it be?



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the incredible vickers brothers, “in memory”

the incredible vickers brothers, “in memory”

California’s Robert Vickers of The Incredible Vickers Brothers is truly a man for all seasons. Having dabbled in just about every aspect of the music world over the yearsand dealing with midlife crisis, he’s come around to putting out his own music that he wrote over the years. The result of years of musical sojourning is The Incredible Vickers Brothers. The latest single, “In Memory”, is off the album Torch Songs for Swingers, which is produced by Allen Clapp. The song oozes bittersweet nostalgia, acknowledging the past and learning how to cope with what is to come. Laced with smooth saxophone and dreamy guitar, “In Memory” pays tribute to heartache in an honest, mature, and beautiful way. If you’re looking to be entertained musically while still wanting to hear a specific message, “In Memory” is the track for you. It’s the perfect song if you’re in your feels on Valentine’s Day. Fun fact: “In Memory” even features a vintage 1978 drum machine for all you retro aficionados out there.

Keep an eye out for “In Memory”, off Torch Songs for Swingers, out March 9th via Mystery Lawn Music.

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