the indigo project, “as always”

the indigo project, “as always”

With crashing drums and a high energy kickoff, five piece indie pop collective The Indigo Project – comprised of Joe Spink, Tony Francis, Alex Crow, Oliver Barry, and Jack Manktelow – releases their new track “As Always”. With a soundscape similar to some of our 2000s pop punk favorites, the track’s tempo changes several times, keeping its listener on their toes and anticipating the coming lines. Singing with a very debonair Leeds-specific vocalization, we’re enthralled by the band themselves and find ourselves looking forward to what’s to come.

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john muirhead talks upcoming track release, music as a universal language

john muirhead talks upcoming track release, music as a universal language

As he revs up to release his new track “Passenger’s Side” this Friday, Ontario-based folk rock talent John Muirhead seems to be absolutely glowing with excitement. His music – which has an almost Broadway musical feel to it with the way he emphasizes every syllable and makes sure his audience is crystal clear on his meaning – is absolutely captivating, the new track setting the tone for what’s to come later this year. Check out our quick hit interview below, and be sure to peep the new song on Friday!

Your new single “Passenger’s Side” is amazing. How has your music evolved since releasing your first EP Yesterday’s Smile?

Thanks so much!

I’m still very proud of Yesterday’s Smile, but with it being my first EP, the whole record was a learning process. I learned a lot about how to be comfortable in the studio and how to create interesting arrangements that serve the song. The songs themselves were written between the ages of 16 and 19, so looking back as a more mature songwriter there are definitely some things that I would change if I were to do it all over again.

With “Passenger’s Side” and the rest of Foundational (The new EP, released in June 2018) I’ve taken the experience from Yesterday’s Smile and applied it. I feel that my voice has matured, my confidence has grown, and the songs are more representative of myself.

What message would you like your fans to get from “Passenger’s Side”? (Out April 6th)

The song is about defying the feeling that maybe our best days are behind us, and the appeal and romanticism of leaving it all behind. With this song I hope that listeners know that they’re not alone in that feeling.

I also hope the song can be the soundtrack to late night drives and lazy Sunday mornings.

How have you grown as an artist since you first began making music?

I think I’m just more sure of myself as a musician. I’ve sharpened up my guitar playing, singing, and performance through the constant repetition of touring and playing live, and my songwriting is getting closer and closer to the level I want it to be. My artistic vision is much clearer now, and I know what I want to accomplish in music.

What is your favorite thing about making music?

My favourite moment in the process of making music is seeing and hearing people sing along to songs that I wrote. I make music in hopes that my songs can effect others the way my favourite songs have effected me, and seeing people sing along is a reminder that maybe I’m on the right track.

In a much broader sense, my favourite thing about music is the fact that it’s a universal language. Regardless of language or culture we can all connect to music, and it plays such an integral role in all of our lives. I’ve made so many meaningful connections to people through music that I may not have had if I didn’t play, and I think that’s amazing.

What inspired you to begin making music?

Like a lot of musicians my age, Guitar Hero actually played a big role in inspiring me to pick up a real guitar. It introduced me to so much great music and it felt really cool to hold a guitar in my hands. When I picked up a real guitar it felt amazing to actually play the songs from the game and from there it didn’t take long to start writing.

What musicians would you say inspire you as an artist?

There are too many! I would have to say Frank Turner would be one of my biggest influences, he bridged the gap between my indie/punk rock upbringing and my current appreciation for folk music. Seeing the intensity of his work ethic and reading about his crazy tour stories really made me want to push myself to the limit as a musician. Recently I’ve been really inspired by Brian Fallon, Jason Isbell, Phoebe Bridgers, and a whole bunch more.

Following the release of your new EP this spring will there be a tour in the future?

Yes! I will be heading out to Eastern Canada in June, touring as part of VIA Rail’s Artist on Board program. I’ll be announcing all of the dates shortly, make sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date!


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the jacks talk tour schedule, fancy palette at sxsw 2018

the jacks talk tour schedule, fancy palette at sxsw 2018

On March 16th, The Jacks came strolling into our lives like old, familiar friends on the street. We were set to meet them at 6th and San Jacinto in downtown Austin, right outside of San Jac Saloon. We knew we were looking for four musicians – Johnny Stanback, Thomas Hunter, Scott Stone, and Josh Roossin make up this collaborative indie quartet – but we didn’t realize just HOW rock n’ roll the experience would be.

For example, Scott made it to the corner several minutes before the rest of them came meandering up, but every single one of them was donning dark wash jeans and black shirts, often layered with a black jacket. But let me put this into context for you: It was 88 degrees outside.

But that’s just how these guys handle it. They deal with the heat. They’re comfortable in tight spaces together, and they’re excited about expanding their reach and their audience, bringing their music to the masses. So let me leave you with a sweet little ditty by them, and the transcription of our time together in interview form!

Introduce yourselves please. Tell me your name and what you do with the band.

Johnny: We’re The Jack’s. I’m Johnny, and I sing and play guitar, rhythm.

Tom: I’m Tom Hunter and I play lead guitar.

Josh: I’m Josh and I play drums.

Scott: I’m Scott Stone and I play lead bass guitar.

And mother. We hear you’re mother of the band.

Scott: Yes, Momager.

I guess that is because of the fact that he was on time and we were already late.

He’s like ‘hey it’s me – the band’. So guys, how’s South By been for you? Is it your first South By?

Yeah. We got in Monday night… So we’ve been here for three full days now, three and a half. We’re headed off to Dallas tonight… Very excited. That will be a great crowd. We played two [shows] at South By and we’re playing one in Dallas, then heading back.

Awesome. That’s good – pace it a little bit. What have you guys seen here that you liked?

Lots of awesome fans. Lots of great food too. We just had breakfast at Moonshine and it was unreal. You learn not to use Yelp, you ask people. All our local Austin friends gave us good food suggestions.

What was your favorite aspect of South by Southwest as a band? 

Both shows we played were really awesome, we had a great time. Obviously, it’s just hanging out, we have a lot of friends here performing, bands that we’ve played with before. It’s so good to see them and see how well they do and spend time. It’s just an amazing environment – it’s all artists and a great time. It’s like adult summer camp!

I like that! That metaphor makes sense! What’s coming up next that you want to tell people about?

Our next show is March 27th at the Peppermint Club in L.A. We’re excited about that one. Then we booked a Pacific Northwest tour for the end of May we’re really excited about. What else… We play Brick and Mortar in San Francisco on the 23rd of May… All the way up to Portland and Seattle so far. That’s what we have in store for the next month or two. And obviously a bunch of great new music hopefully coming.

It’s not up to us anymore, but we get to release it, hopefully in October… We recorded a new single, got a new music video for that.. Hopefully tour on that in the fall.

Fingers crossed it all pans out! Alright, you guys have really committed to the dark jeans, the boots, how are you faring today, although the weather has changed slightly and it’s at least breezy?

We took them off…the day was a little long…yeah…

Here’s a question I have – aesthetically, you guys tend to go toward the black and the jeans, how’s that going to happen when you’re in Florida? (laughter)

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it .. We haven’t had that issue…Maybe Mexico? The Jack’s booty shorts… Make that our summer line.

How do you guys calm down or pump up before a show? Do you get nervous or do you have to rev yourself up? 

It depends on the show. Like the Troubadour, the one we did that sold out – that was obviously a big one for us. It’s just kind of like we’re just so comfortable with each other, we’ve grown up together and we’re all best friends. When you get on stage, you kind of just into that element, you don’t really think about those things I guess.

We usually have one or two beers before a show, but that’s about it. OK. Eighteen. Maybe eight hundred.

That’s fair. Favorites?

Coors Light… Coors Light… Coors Light (laughter) That’s Southern California.

We have a fancy palate. Actually, there’s this new beer coming out called Tower Park that they just opened in Anaheim, California. Really, really good.


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glassio, “back for more”

glassio, “back for more”

New York-base duo Glassio – comprised of Sam R. and Charles Pinel, raised in Dubai/London and Paris, respectively – is out boasting their new single “Back For More”. And for good reason too, as the sound is both upbeat and – almost unbearably – calming at the same time. With a tempo similar to an older, more innocent, video game soundtrack, we’re engulfed into the lightweight, beautiful soundscape that Glassio has become known for. Vocals butter it up even more, giving a tranquil, pleasant cherry on top of this track that seems almost too perfect for your springtime playlist.

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out and about @ sxsw 2018

out and about @ sxsw 2018

SXSW 2018 was absolutely insane. We only got to head down for a couple of days, but we packed in so much culture and new music discovery, our heads are still spinning. Below, peep a selection of “out and about” photos along the streets of Austin in March!