jealous of the birds, “plastic skeleton”

jealous of the birds, “plastic skeleton”

In preparation for the release of her forthcoming EP, Naomi Hamilton, who uses the moniker of Jealous of the Birds on stage, has just released her latest single, “Plastic Skeleton.” Unlike most of the other music that has been produced and released in the past, this album is the perfect balance of vocal and instrumental components that are expertly woven together. To open this single, fans have the ability to enjoy the psychedelic beats played out by the guitar and drums. Before long, the hypnotizing soundscape is joined by mischievous vocals that  have a natural grit that matches the genre of music perfectly and is neither too over or underwhelming.

As each note passes, the tempo seems to slowly increase along with the building intensity that builds and grows until it reaches a breaking point which is then followed by an artistic ending that seems to push the listener over the edge of suspense. With having the climax so close to the end, Hamilton is able to hold the attention of her fans until the very last breath. Without a doubt, there is a particular kind of artistry that is both unique and clever and the artist’s end. Now that this single has been released, the up coming release of The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep is sure to be a smash hit for this growing artist.

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ben browning, “sunshine baby”

ben browning, “sunshine baby”

Kicking off his forthcoming album with the release of a single that is both hypnotic and beat driven is Ben Browning and his latest release, “Sunshine Baby.” Although his sophomore album is not scheduled to be released until the end of next month (June 22), Browning has released this track that has made the hype surrounding the aforementioned album grow with each individual stream. This single beings with pulsing synth beats that immediately center the listener’s attention solely on each passing note. As the music continues and the first verse of this very modern track truly starts, Brownings vocal skills are captivating and bring the listener into a bright new world that is painted by each lyrically infused beat. With the bright synth loops that create a joyful soundscape, the track becomes a pleasure to listen to and distracts from the events of the methodical and, at times, monotonous pressures of daily life.

While speaking of this new project Browning stated,

After listening to this record I hope people feel like they’ve gone on a smooth psychedelic journey through a colorful musical world. I wanted to create an album that people would want to play in their homes whilst cooking dinner or getting high and imagine what they’re hearing comes from a land created by Jim Henson – or perhaps they’re listening a lost George Harrison album recorded in the Caribbean and discovered on a VHS tape 30 years later.

Without a doubt, Browning succeeded in the enormous feat and, like all of his fans, we are excited to see what new music he has in store for us in the upcoming months. As the title suggests, all those who have the pleasure of listening to this track will feel the warmth of the lyrics and the comfort that this uplifting track has to offer. Written as a nod to Italo disco and Takahashi from Yellow Magic Orchestra, “Sunshine Baby” is everything that fans expected from such a talented and promising artist.

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pronoun, “wrong”

pronoun, “wrong”

One of the hottest LGBTQ artists from this generation has just announced that she will be dropping her next single this Wednesday for the public to hear and her fans have been going nuts ever since. Pronoun returned to the music scene recently with her last single, “Run” which was not only adored by her fans, but by internationally acclaimed magazines and other well known artists. On Wednesday, she will be releasing a single entitled, “Wrong” which addresses some of the personal struggles that she was facing after a difficult breakup. In her own words she stated,

“I wrote this song when I found out some really weird news about my ex. All of a sudden I just said out loud “I feel embarrassed again”, and I went from there. For the longest time I was so angry at her, and the news that should have been the final straw actually just made me feel really bad for her which spun me in to the weird emotion of how can you feel sorry for some one you “hate”. How is that even possible, do other people feel this way? I guess in a way it’s what I would want to say… if I wanted to talk to her…. which obviously I don’t…. so iI wrote this song instead.”

Like most of her other work, “Wrong” is the perfect mix of old and new. Along with the upbeat synth loops, there is a beautiful guitar overlay that syncs perfectly with the drumming beat. Vocally powerful, Pronoun takes each low and high in stride and blends perfectly with the lush atmosphere created by the back up vocals and lighthearted instrumental components. Although there is a slight psychedelic flare to the overall soundscape created by this band, they are nothing less than the future of the pop industry.

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years & years, “if you’re over me”

years & years, “if you’re over me”

Releasing their first ever official single, “If You’re Over Me”, is up and coming British trio, Years and Years. Not only is the announcement of this new single exciting, but it has also been said that this single will set up their forthcoming album Palo Santo which is scheduled to drop July 6 of this year. With all of these new releases, there is no doubt that this new group will find their way to the top of playlists and billboards across the world.

At the core of this synth-pop outfit is Olly Alexander who has the potential to take the world stage by storm with upbeat killer vocals that are both infectious and hypnotic. His personal ambition and drive to achieve his dream will take Years and Years to the next level as they continue to produce music that is fresh, unique and completely original.

The lyrics for this track address the classic issue of trying to stay friends with an ex partner. In their own words, “This is a song about trying to stay friends with an ex. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t often work. In fact, in my experience, the relationship often ends up ruined. ‘If You’re Over Me’ is about the emotional torture that ensues – meeting up and making out, then breaking up all over again, then making out some more.” Not only is the toxicity of this genre of relationship explored throughout the song, but much like its cyclical nature, the music itself seems to parade in intricate loops that eventually finds its way back to the start. With all of this raw talent, there is no telling just how far this group will go as they take on some of the biggest stages in the world, but judging from this release, it won’t be long until they are named one of the fastest growing pop artists.

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joyner speaks focus and sync during release of s/t

joyner speaks focus and sync during release of s/t

After hundreds of hours in the recording studio and after working tirelessly to achieve the fame and success that they have gained up to this point, up and coming group JOYNER is bringing their sound to a whole new level. Since their start, they have had countless opportunities to perform and have thus gained the enthusiasm and loyalty of thousands of fans who are dying to hear more from this killer group. Luckily, amidst their crazy release schedule, Joyner was able to answer some questions for us and for their fans concerning where they started, where they are and, most importantly, where they are going. Buckle up and enjoy one of the most open and honest interviews that we have had yet.

Throughout your years of performing and producing music, was there an event or circumstance that really helped you kick start your career in music?

Music has always been something we loved. We grew up singing, writing songs and performing together in musical theater. As youngins we knew it was something we wanted to do, but we weren’t sure how to take it beyond the walls of our childhood home. When Summer was 20 she was working in retail and had a customer that came in and was telling her about her cousin that was a music producer. From there the dots connected and we recorded our first songs. It hasn’t stopped since!

Out of all of your goals, what is your focus right now?

At this very moment, getting our new music out into the world is the main focus!

Although there may have been set backs, what has made it all worth it?

There have been countless set backs, but at the end of the day it comes down to the music. No matter how hard it gets, the music is always what paints a sunny sky after a gloomy day.

While you are performing, what is your number one priority?

We have two number one priorities and that’s really focusing on being in sync with each other + making sure everyone has a good time!

Is there any exciting news about upcoming releases or tour dates?

Our debut EP comes out May 18th. We’re playing The Mint on 4/29 here in LA and are hoping to hit the road soon. Follow us on our socials to keep in the loop!

After a long day in the studio or on stage, what is the number one thing that you like to eat?

Love this question! A warm comforting meal like potatoes, or some yum grub from one of our favorite vegan restaurants like Little Pine or Mohawk bend.

Has there been anyone or special figure who has helped you get to the point that you are at?

We have so many angels in our lives from our music producer, to our friends that take our photos and help us make our music videos. We are so grateful for them!!


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