joyner speaks focus and sync during release of s/t

joyner speaks focus and sync during release of s/t

After hundreds of hours in the recording studio and after working tirelessly to achieve the fame and success that they have gained up to this point, up and coming group JOYNER is bringing their sound to a whole new level. Since their start, they have had countless opportunities to perform and have thus gained the enthusiasm and loyalty of thousands of fans who are dying to hear more from this killer group. Luckily, amidst their crazy release schedule, Joyner was able to answer some questions for us and for their fans concerning where they started, where they are and, most importantly, where they are going. Buckle up and enjoy one of the most open and honest interviews that we have had yet.

Throughout your years of performing and producing music, was there an event or circumstance that really helped you kick start your career in music?

Music has always been something we loved. We grew up singing, writing songs and performing together in musical theater. As youngins we knew it was something we wanted to do, but we weren’t sure how to take it beyond the walls of our childhood home. When Summer was 20 she was working in retail and had a customer that came in and was telling her about her cousin that was a music producer. From there the dots connected and we recorded our first songs. It hasn’t stopped since!

Out of all of your goals, what is your focus right now?

At this very moment, getting our new music out into the world is the main focus!

Although there may have been set backs, what has made it all worth it?

There have been countless set backs, but at the end of the day it comes down to the music. No matter how hard it gets, the music is always what paints a sunny sky after a gloomy day.

While you are performing, what is your number one priority?

We have two number one priorities and that’s really focusing on being in sync with each other + making sure everyone has a good time!

Is there any exciting news about upcoming releases or tour dates?

Our debut EP comes out May 18th. We’re playing The Mint on 4/29 here in LA and are hoping to hit the road soon. Follow us on our socials to keep in the loop!

After a long day in the studio or on stage, what is the number one thing that you like to eat?

Love this question! A warm comforting meal like potatoes, or some yum grub from one of our favorite vegan restaurants like Little Pine or Mohawk bend.

Has there been anyone or special figure who has helped you get to the point that you are at?

We have so many angels in our lives from our music producer, to our friends that take our photos and help us make our music videos. We are so grateful for them!!


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tayls, tayls

tayls, tayls

Breaking out with his first ever full length album full of energizing anthems and inspiring lyrical loops, is Nashville native Taylor Cole (Chalaxy, Creature Comfort) and his music project Tayls. The self entitled album, Tayls is his greeting to a wider demographic of fans who he hopes to inspire with his commitment to insane fun and beautiful art. Although this indie project has gathered a great following since the very first single, this new release is surely going to push his popularity over the edge as he dives even deeper into the sound profile that he has created for himself. From a humble start to his current standing at the top of thousands of fan playlists, Tayls has created a movement composed of self-empowering music that is both easy to listen to and incredibly intricate.

The instrumental talent that is demonstrated captures the attention of listeners instantly. Coupled with the intense and pumped-up vocals that match the mood set by the music, Tayls can do no wrong as his lyrics pack a “powerful punch” of exciting empowerment to the individual. Known for overenthusiastic live performances, it is clear that Tayls was able to focus the same energy into the recording sessions. Although fans won’t be able to experience all of the lights, dance moves, drag queens and giant swan dives that have become essential elements of the live performance, the music on this album speaks for itself.

Layered with subtle scream vocals, there is no doubt that this album is going to pull in fans of The Flaming Lips, Bright Eyes and everything in between. As this project continues to deepen its understanding of its unique sound, Tayls is sure to pick up fans throughout the world who are inspired by the out of the box lyrics and fast paced rhythms.

Tayls is available now. Keep up with the project here.

esbie fonte, “manumit”

esbie fonte, “manumit”

Exploring the deepest corners of the mind and the demon found there that are egged on by anxiety and guilt is the latest release from LA darling Esbie Fonte and her new single, Manumit.” Growing up surrounded by a family that was equally involved in music and frequent trips to the record store inspired her to take her sound to new heights. After spending several years attending Sarah Lawrence College, immersing herself in the education opportunities offered there. The same passion that brought her to that school also carried her across the Atlantic to deepen her understanding of the world of production. Now, fresh out of college and moved to one of the music capitals of America, Fonte is ready to take her music to a whole new level–from bedroom artist to working with one of the most successful produces around, she has released her single, “Manumit.”

One of the most enticing attributes of this single is the dreamy vocals accompanied by synth loops that seem to transport listeners to the world built by the lyrics majesty spun by Fonte herself. As a wonderful tribute to the experience one faces when attempting to battle personal insecurities, “Manumit” speaks to all who have ever face mental debilitation on any and all levels. This single was written in the center of calamity in hopes of achieving mental clarity and deeper understanding of oneself. No doubt, this is a song that will touch thousands and raise Fonte to a whole new level in the music industry as she continues to produce meaningful, flawless tracks.

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quiet slang, everything matters but no one is listening

quiet slang, everything matters but no one is listening

For aspiring artist and writer James Alex of Beach Slang – now exploring uncharted territories with his new project Quiet Slang – “Rock and roll is sort of my consolation prize for wanting to have been a writer.” Both of these dreams are fulfilled as he performs all over the world and now hears lyrics, written by his own hand, shouted back to him while performing in front of hundreds of fans. On May 18th, alt-rock project Quiet Slang is set to release its debut, Everything Matters But No One Is Listening, which has earned the attention of an overwhelming amount of fans and critics all throughout the music industry.

Setting aside all of the hype surrounding this new release, there is a wonderful kind of artistry that is woven throughout each track. Each line holds poetic, relevant meaning to anyone who is lucky enough to hear it. Accompanied by the beautiful, hypnotizing rasp of Alex’s voice, the instrumental aspects of this album embrace the minimalistic nuances that are so clearly embodied in the title of this new rock outfit, Quiet Slang. As a wonderful tribute to the roots of this genre, the almost tangible melancholy of this album is wonderfully enticing and cushioned by the powerfully emotive cellos, piano and vocal talent.

In his own words, Alex explains that this group was brought together to convey one attribute: “Tenderness. I suppose that sounds overly simplified. But, still, it makes it no less sincere. Look, I’m trying to soften the world a little bit—there’s worse ways to be remembered.”

Throughout the album, certain themes are easily recognizable, the importance of sound and how silence can be more powerful. Along with this sentiment, each track emotes events and experiences that are relevant to young listeners and things that are often experienced at that age. With so much going for this upcoming group, it is almost impossible to ignore the blatant talent that is found within each verse of lyrical genius which has brought them to where they are now.

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whitney fenimore, battle within

whitney fenimore, battle within

After her tour on NBC’s Emmy-award winning show The Voice season 13, Whitney Fenimore has found herself knee deep in a career that is just beginning. Although she has had so much happen in the space in between her tv appearance and the present, the most exciting news is yet to come as she releases her first ever full EP, Battle Within on May 18. Although the EP is scheduled to drop later in the week, we have had the chance to grab a sneak peak and are excited about Fenimore’s unique ability to seamlessly mesh so many genres–from country to folk and rock to pop.

One of the greatest skills that is highlighted by this Ep is Fenimore’s vocal flexibility. Within each individual track there is such a wide array of emotions that listeners pick up on just by the way she emotes each and every note. With each breath, this young artists draws energy and atmosphere into her long, beautiful melodies. Perhaps The Boot said it best when they proclaimed, “powerful, distinct vocals [and] strong melodies.” All three points accurately sums up all of the highlights presented in this wonderfully written and produced EP. Without a doubt, this will accelerate the career track that she has so clearly set for herself.

From being one of the strongest vocal contestants on America’s favorite pass time show to becoming one of the most credible and content reliable musicians of her time, Fenimore has nowhere to go but up as she continues to develop music that is both relevant and utterly breath taking. At age 28-the amount of quality work that we have seen is astounding. As each single on this track is unique and holds a different feel, fans are inclined to continue listening, viewing several different facades of Fenimore with each passing track. Look out for the release of Battle Within, scheduled to drop May 18. Until then check out her latest teaser, “Stones” which will be included on the release.

Battle Within is out May 18th. Keep up with Whitney here.

moorea masa & the mood, shine a light

moorea masa & the mood, shine a light

Since the announcement of their first full length debut album, the hype surrounding Moorea Masa and her crew has grown exponentially and on May, 11, Shine a Light dropped and has already been named a success. Based in Portland, Oregon, this wonderfully alternative artist has a multi faceted skill set that keeps her music relevant and interesting with each passing track. Growing up in the musical mecca that is Portland, called her attention the the effect that music can have on people and immediately wanted to be part of such a great movement. After taking some time to explore the world and then finally ending back in her beloved hometown, Masa said, “This year I’ve really been digging deep into my history, my own learning lessons, and the state of the world,” she continues. “I feel like I took a light and shined it into all the darkness and beauty that I was previously too scared to look at.”

Bringing all of her soulful vocals to the level that is displayed within each track on this new album was a much needed journey for this talented young artist. Now that she has had the opportunity to work with artists across a wide spectrum of genres, some time to solidify her sound was key in producing this spectacularly bluesy, soulful album. Most of the music that Masa has release has spoken through some of the issues that our society faces today along with love, loss, hidden pain, and the politics of being a woman. With so much of her soul on the line, it is clear that this album is going to be what separates her from other artists in this genre which is going to bring her sound, yet again, to a whole new level.

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s’natra, “paper straight”

s’natra, “paper straight”

Straight out of Harlem with a new single that puts an all new twist on classic sounds of the past, is S’natra and “Paper Straight” which was released at the end last month. Coming off of several high priority performances, including is 18 location tour Subject to Change Tour and his debut at Coachella, S’natra is back with more music to share and an all new sound to produce. Unlike some of his past releases, “Paper Straight” is a multi-faceted composition which marries the smooth yet exciting sounds of the 50’s with the latest in hip-hop rap culture. At the beginning of this single, trumpets and other brass instruments immediately capture the attention of the listener which then leads into lyrical, poetic lines that are both articulate and clear.

Throughout the song, listeners have the opportunity to experience the process that led S’natra to where he is today. Regarding this release he stated:

The nature of the record is pretty much me talkin’ bout what they tell us is important where I come from- gettin money, gettin fly, gettin respect. I always thought there was another side to that story and this song is me really tryna figure all of it out – who i am vs who the world sees me as. The musicality of the beat in “Paper Straight” definitely challenged me to step my writing up to the next level and try out new flows and concepts. The more you step out of your comfort zone the more you learn about yourself and the things going on around you.

With a fantastic message and a powerful musical base, this single has everything that the rising generation has come to expect from the current music culture and more. Although this single only lasts mere minutes, S’natra is able to convey a message about breaking down boundaries and exploring options that might have at one point seemed unrealistic. In the future, fans can expect more music, more performances and an even more developed sound from this young, budding artist.

fat tony, “not another day”

fat tony, “not another day”

Speaking up about the monotonous journey that we may sometimes find ourselves on is Fat Tony and his latest single, “Not Another Day.” With so much experience behind the mike as a Houston MC, Fat Tony has already made a name for himself throughout the country. In an area with such a deeply rooted culture, this established artist stand at the forefront of a movement among the next young generation of rappers who hope to put their DIY skills to the test through the employment of both smarts and innovative swagger.

“Not Another Day” addresses a topic that will not only stay relevant throughout the test of time, but it is also a fresh look on what it means to have to stick to a sometimes maddening daily routine while hoping for a better, brighter day. While speaking of this release, Fat Tony said, “Not Another Day is about the impending doom surrounding us in every direction that leaves me numb in bed, clutching a Macbook rewatching episodes of Atlanta during the day when I should be working. The work eventually gets done but the journey is a journey, yet I don’t stop believing. There’s a better world out there for us all and I’ll continue fighting for it, no matter how depressing the whole thing is.”

With all of the killer pop-synth undertones and clever lyricism, it is clear that this song will quickly rise to the top of the charts before too much time has elapsed. This single also embodies all of the independent artists that he looked up to while he himself was trying to find his voice in an ever more crowded arena. From young teen on the streets to seasoned veteran in the music industry, Fat Tony has once again proven to himself and to his fans with this release that he has a right to be on stage and that creativity has the power to take you to where you want to go.

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deanna devore, “seven eight”

deanna devore, “seven eight”

Turning the music world on its head with innovative and meaningful lyricism is young, but talented, artist Deanna Devore and her latest single, “Seven Eight”. Along with her natural talent, Devore has brought a mysteriously lush new edge to the pop industry that fans and critics are sure to eat up. “Seven Eight” is scheduled to drop later this month and those who have already started to tune into her delicious sound are eagerly awaiting this new release. Of course, this young artist has added all of her usual flare, however, this single is also inlaid with smooth yet powerful vocals that will continue to rock the status quo that seems to have dominated the recent scene. Devore has a unique emotion behind her voice that will take any listener on a roller coaster from beginning to end. With out a doubt, this dark track will take Devore to a whole new level of experience in her budding profession and will open up doors for her that hold even more opportunities.

As fans listen to “Seven Eight,” they will find themselves escaping from present cares and falling into a whirlwind of feelings that will hypnotize and move them. With the smooth, steady tempo, combined with warm synth overlays, Deanna’s vocals will leave you with an experience we’ve all had when we are unable to control the outcome of our actions. Stunningly beautiful and mysteriously enticing, Deanna Devore’s newest single is sure to make the market explode when it hits the charts.

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