hannah grace, “wasted love”

hannah grace, “wasted love”

Heaven-sent artist Hannah Grace (come on, even her name sounds angelic) has just released her newest track, a beautiful number called “Wasted Love”. The atmospheric track offers comforting support during heartbreak. Regarding the single, Hannah says,“I wrote ‘Wasted Love’ as a message to my past self. The song is about reassuring someone who is heartbroken that no love is wasted, even if it feels like it at the time.”

And nothing is more reassuring than Hannah’s light as a feather, crystal-clear vocals to guide you through the world of delicate keys and electronics that is created in “Wasted Love”. The song is a real beauty; a siren-song of healing. Grace’s perfectly controlled power is displayed through her impressive vocals, her voice diving into its depths and soaring easily into a stunning head voice a second later.

“Wasted Love” precedes the release of Hannah Grace’s new album, which is scheduled to drop in 2020. Grace has rescheduled her London headline show and will play Omeara on October 29th and she has also announced a hometown show at Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach on October 26th.

carissa shockley, “drink to forget”

carissa shockley, “drink to forget”

Swedish musician Carissa Shockley has recently released her newest single, “Drink to Forget”. The track features her brother Meyta as well as rapper Brenden.

Shockley’s haunting voice gracefully guides listeners through a tranquil soundscape packed with compelling melody lines and soulful harmonies. Of the new song, she says “‘Drink to Forget’ was my way of coping with the mistakes I made or when I faced disappointment in the years leading up to finding my life’s purpose with restored mental and physical health. My hope is to connect with others that relate to the authenticity in this song”. A well-placed acoustic guitar under Shockley in a calm moment following the rap verse leads listeners into the final section of the song, which features a swirling sound design navigated by the talented singer.

“Drink to Forget” is now available everywhere for your streaming enjoyment.

sincere gifts, “ghost of america”

sincere gifts, “ghost of america”

Los Angeles-based indie band Sincere Gifts have just released their new single, “Ghost of America”. The upbeat alt-rockers couple bright sounds and light-hearted production against dark lyricism for a fun listen that gets their serious (and important) message across.

Two lost musicians, Benben and Nick, found each other in the midst of America’s collapse. They emerged from the darkness as Sincere Gifts, conjuring love and earnest companionship. Because what is more needed in the era of rapacious capitalist greed than a sincere gift?

“Ghost of America” puts a strong focus on the current landscape in the United States in 2020. “The US is super fucked,” says vocalist Nick Byron Campbell.” In ‘Ghost of America’ the listener is taken on a short musical tour through the decline.”

At first listen, the track appears to be all sunshine and rainbows on the surface, but take a closer look (or more appropriately, listen) and hear the very real issues that the band is tackling. Sincere Gifts tackles everything from zombies to guns to riots before stripping back and ending the song with a stripped back and mesmerizing take on a section of the National Anthem. The band impressively tackles mountainous issues while making their important message fun and easy to take heed of. Keep doing what you’re doing, boys, America needs you.

love-sadkid, growth

love-sadkid, growth

Non-binary Texas-bred rapper Ben McGibboney (who operates under the moniker of Love-Sadkid) has just released their first full-length project, entitled Growth. The young rapper just turned 18 but has already committed to pursuing their music dreams full time. A former star running back, McGibboney had garnered interest from top schools in the SEC before discovering their love for rap. At that point they made the decision to quit football to commit to chasing their new dream.

Love-Sadkid has been steadily releasing new music and EPs, building a strong online fanbase and racking up over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Despite their young age, Love-Sadkid has quite a bit under their belt already; they’ve released two EP collabs with Dahm and have a tour as an opener for Hobo Johnson under their belt. Growth displays the young artist’s knack for combining old school rap aesthetics with the modern problems and world outlook of a reluctant member of Gen Z.

Album opener Ta/Pe kicks things off and sees Love-Sadkid rapping with an admirable level of sincerity over a soft piano track before moving into the lo-fi like production style that the young artist seems to have an ear for.

Habits leans and rocks into R&B territory with a vibey hook, complete with a thickly-textured chorus of voices. Love-Sadkid’s knack for production continues to shine through, a myriad of colorful sounds adorning this (and every other) track.

The title track picks up the pace alongside cool toned beats and tinny effects. Sadkid raises intensity here, letting his speed and lyricism show through. Here they prove their versatility through their clear ability to make more traditional rap along their (very well done) vibey and sunshiny tracks.

The young rapper shows off a lot of range and colors on his first full-length which will surely continue to expand. Full of potential and talent, Love-Sadkid seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

Growth is now available everywhere for your streaming enjoyment.

gaytheist, how long have i been on fire?

gaytheist, how long have i been on fire?

Portland metal rockers Gaytheist have just returned with the release of their 5th album, How Long Have I Been on Fire?, set to release April 10th via Hex Records. The record is the band’s first on the label as well as their first release in 3 years. Following several years of living on opposite ends of the country, the band reassembled in Vancouver, Washington and delved into a writing frenzy to create their newest body of work. The record blends metal, punk, hardcore and noise rock with a good sense of humor, proving that you can still make good metal music without having to take it so damn serious.

The band impressively recorded the entire album in one summer weekend in 2019 under previous collaborator and master engineer Stephen Hawkes, resulting in thirteen songs of “KABOOM rock, depression anthems, and various attempts at communication”, according to a statement. Full of feedback, rhythm and speed, it is an amalgamation of punk, hardcore, metal, and wild rock.

Gaytheist had planned to play a handful of Pacific Northwest shows around the release date this month, but these have now been cancelled. They were to be followed by more extensive North American dates in summer, but, due to the current situation, these dates are also up-in-the-air.

Lead single “The Dark Deep” is full of wild and untameable riffs and a wailing vocal delivery from frontman and namesake Jason Rivera, the band’s OG gay atheist. The song kicks off with a bang and doesn’t stop moving from there, only picking up the momentum that continues on and relentlessly propels the record forward.

If the name “Hornswoggled” wasn’t good enough in itself, the content continues to hold up its end of the bargain. Heavy drums and aggressive guitar rage along with a clunky bass line while the lyrics take on those who are easily confused and don’t always operate with their best interests in mind: the easily tricked, bamboozled, and, of course, hornswoggled.

“hashbrownsblessed” is in keeping with that keen sense of humor we mentioned. This firecracker of a track is laden with big riffs and no bullshit packed into less than a minute and a half, consistent with the type of energy only a band named Gaytheist could pull off. And to those not down for it? We’re breaking up with you. It’s not you, it’s me.

How Long Have I Been On Fire? is out now.