jess nolan embraces her “mistakes”

jess nolan embraces her “mistakes”

Moving forward from a difficult situation is sometimes hard, but Nashville-based, New Jersey born artist Jess Nolan makes the situation easier in her song.  In her new song “Mistakes”, Nolan uses her soulful voice to keep her head up and move forward, embracing life as it comes and continuing on.

“Mistakes” is full of a soulful guitar tune and brass tones. The song encourages the listener to continue to walk through life despite what has been thrown their way. Jess Nolan’s song is exactly what the title says it is: “learning to embrace your mistakes.” The song encourages the listener to use his or her trials and tribulations as a platform to move forward. “Mistakes” is the right song to encourage the listener  to grow and learn from what they have been through in life.

Keep up with Jess Nolan here.

sheare talks music for photo booths, foresight

sheare talks music for photo booths, foresight

Brooklyn one man band Brandon Sheer, otherwise known are Sheare is set to take on the world by storm with his new EP “Photo Booths”. “Photo Booths” is set to be released February 23rd. The singer-songwriter is building his music catalog with his music that is able to move people. As long as Sheare continues to make music, it will not be long until he becomes a household name.

We were able to catch up with Sheare recently to talk about his music,


Your genre on Facebook is described as “withered rose pop.” How would you describe that – or what you believe to be your sound – to people?

I think it was kind of a cheeky thing I came up with because I was always posting the withered rose emoji as part of the aesthetic of my last EP. I think I would describe my music as is introspective pop. I try to write emotionally driven songs that get stuck in your head even if you’d prefer they didn’t. I haven’t really done my job properly if you don’t hum one of my songs after hearing it but aren’t entirely sure what you’re humming or where it came from. It’s like Pop Inception.

What was your first big musical moment? Can you remember what you were listening to, and/or what the memory was associated with it?

I remember being at my older cousin’s house when I was younger and he played “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana on these big speakers he had in his room. That was it for me. I knew I had to be a musician after that. At the time I wanted to be a drummer which wasn’t super conducive to having neighbors or parents who still to this day tell me to turn me down music anytime it’s above the volume of a moths wings fluttering.

Your new EP Music for Photo Booths is so ridiculously beautiful, and honestly makes us way too excited for the warm summer months. (Hello, “Tidal Wave”!) We’re wondering how the album was conceptualized. Did you start writing random songs, then collect them? Did you set out with the “photo booth” idea in mind? Give us a peek inside your thought process!

Aw thank you, so glad you like it <3! I think every time I write body of work it has to have some thematic element to it, whether that be in the aesthetic of the art direction or the subject matter of the songs themselves. The title came after I met a girl at a show I played at a hotel maybe a year ago. We wound up hanging out afterwards and taking photos in the photo booth that the hotel had. When we started dating I made her a Spotify playlist called “Music for Photo Booths”as a wink to the night we met. The title stuck, the relationship did not haha. Writing has always been cathartic thing for me. I write about my experiences, good bad or indifferent.

What’s your favorite song from the new EP? Why, and what inspired it, specifically?

“Tidal Wave” I think it’s most honest and bittersweet song I’ve ever written. It’s kind of about young love and taking something from each relationship and remembering the good parts and looking internally at myself as to why things maybe didn’t work out. It’s a really bitter pill to have a hard look at yourself and examine your own hang ups about relationships and why they haven’t always worked out. I would hate to date me haha. It would be a nightmare.

How do you imagine people enjoying the music from Music for Photo Booths? (Besides in a damn photo booth… or is there an elaborate photo booth experience you envision?)

I think it has this really cinematic element to it. I had envisioned people driving in an old Mercedes down the pacific coast highway while listening to the songs.

What advice would you give any young adult trying to pursue a career in music?

I think people don’t really care on a larger scale about what you do until everyone cares. It’s just human nature not to always have the foresight to see what something will become. I think you just have to have an unwavering belief in what you do, and eventually people come around at different times.

What keeps you inspired as an artist?

Fashion, Art, NYC, Film, Concerts, Relationships, Love, Sex, Breakups, More Relationships, More Breakups.


Sheare’s new EP “Photo Booths” will be released February 23rd. In the meantime, keep up with him here.

danielle duval, “whenever you want it”

danielle duval, “whenever you want it”

Glam rocker Danielle Duval delivers again, this time with her new single “Whenever You Want It”. Danielle Duval is a Montreal born and Toronto-based indie rocker. Duval caught the attention of musical fans and the industry when she debuted her debut EP L’Etranger. Since that release, Danielle Duval has been gearing up to take the world by storm.

“Whenever You Want It” is a song about being fearless. The song tells the listener to be open and ready for whatever comes his or her way. “Whenever You Want It” recognizes love with no fear and encourages the listener to go for it and be unapologetic. The song is great, passionate, and full of lots of high energy.

“Whenever You Want It” is the lead single off Duval’s sophomore album Lose It which is available to own right now. Keep up with her here.

cloud shares “wildfire” in preparation for plays with fire

cloud shares “wildfire” in preparation for plays with fire

Long Island’s Cloud has released a new album following his debut EP Comfort Songs. The latest album, titled Plays With Fire, will be released in March and consists of nine songs, clocking in at 32 minutes in total. Pulling form influences such as Jonathan Richman, Panda Bear, and Leonard Cohen, Cloud is able to captivate the listener throughout his EP. 

“Wildfire” is the lead single from the upcoming album. The song is mesmerizing and talks about everyone wanting to be a wildfire. The song is filled with colorful vocals and background music that is sure to take the listener on a joyous occasion.

“Two Hands Bound” is another song from the album. The song is very catchy and filled with percussion, guitar and the vocals of Cloud. The song is about working hard and is one of the lighter tones in the album.

Plays With Fire is a month away, but in the meantime, keep up with Cloud here.

the jacks drop “hello my friend”

the jacks drop “hello my friend”

The Jacks – a rock n’ roll band from Southern California featuring Jonny Stanback on vocals and rhythm guitar, Scott Stone on bass guitar, Tom Hunter on lead guitar, and Josh Roossinn on percussion and drums – has just released their new single “Hello My Friend” from their upcoming self-titled EP.  The song is about watching someone close to you, such as a friend or family member, go through a lot of life changes. The song is about that person getting prepared for the unknown. “Hello My Friend” gives the listener a taste of 90s rock n’ roll. If you are into that rock, this song is just for you.

The Jacks are poised to have a long career in music. If you enjoy “Hello My Friend” check out The Jacks’ self-titled EP coming this March. Keep up with the band here.