Today, Boston-bred singer/songwriter Arto Vaun releases the third single from his upcoming July debut release Stuck Inside a Map. If the singles so far are any indication, Vaun’s solo project is bound to take flight, on the wings of self-awareness and a proclivity for word magic.

“Build My Own Fever” is a mid-tempo track, incorporating Vaun’s dreamy vocals over shimmery guitar. Explains Vaun, “I wrote ‘Build My Own Fever’ partly as a response to feeling overwhelmed by all the uncertainty in the world lately, and the sensory overload we’re all dealing with. It’s about trying to stay grounded even when things feel untethered and chaotic, and finding perspective to see the universality and connectedness between and around us all”.

If you can relate, you’ll want to get a listen to this relatable – and, honestly, beautiful – track below.

Meredith Schneider