Today we can allow ourselves to be comforted by the soothing sound of an emerging indie-folk artist. After all the stress that comes with any election week, it is now time to decompress – and singer-songwriter Apollo Flowerchild has presented us with the means to do just that. With gentle, rustic verses that transform into a powerful chorus, this song will instantly upgrade your Autumn Acoustic playlist. 

Released by the label Trans Trenderz, “Bloody Hands” surfaced on November 6. While the track is Flowerchild’s second release of the year, it is the first to be featured in a new collaborative series titled The Ghostly Beats Project. To make this series come to life, Trans Trenderz joined forces with the famously acclaimed Studio G Brooklyn. The multi-room recording facility is loved by New Yorkers and international musicians alike, and is co-owned by seven-time Grammy-nominated producer, Joel Hamilton. Together, Studio G Brooklyn and Trans Trenderz created The Ghostly Beats Project to provide a space for Black Trans artists. As a historically underrepresented group of individuals within the industry, members of the Black Trans community now have an opportunity to have their voices heard. 

Apollo Flowerchild is a NYC based multi-instrumentalist who has spent the last five years developing a sound to call their own. Flowerchild’s “Bloody Hands” gushes with blossoming lyrics, and the accompanying music video uses visual representation to match the imagery behind Flowerchild’s words. It’s safe to say that the scene of the music video — showcasing rushing streams, looming trees and aesthetically pleasing clothing — is the quintessential Indie Folk lover’s dream.

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