Summertime is a time to enjoy the world around you, take some time to slow down and soak up the beauty in life, and to become inspired in your creative endeavors. So, naturally, what a perfect time to release a single that addresses just those things. Singer/songwriter Anthony Savino has done just that, employing his quintessential light, carefree vocals to drive the point home. As the song progresses at a danceable clip, its lyrics envelope you in a feeling of emotional freedom, like the world is your oyster.

Explains the artist of the track:

When I first started writing “One-Track Mind,” I wasn’t sure what it was about. But I kept working on it and I played it for some people, and eventually, I realized that it was about the creative process, and to a larger extent my experiences making music. The song goes through the progresses, failures, diversions, distractions, and whatever else it takes to create something, whether it’s a song or a songwriting career.

I don’t have one process or method for songwriting, but I do have a stubbornness to just do it anyway, and that’s one of the meanings of the title. But I also think it’s about knowing when to say enough’s enough. Sometimes the creative process can be a black hole; it can take over my whole world and I lose perspective. I can spiral for a long time if I don’t step back and look at the big picture. 

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Back Before the Fall is out July 23.

Meredith Schneider