The masterful work of artist Thomas Arndt has been unleashed upon us with the new album from his solo project, Another Magic. The twelve-track release – Sunderwater/Underwater Sun – dropped today, and we know you will be enveloped in a unique atmosphere from start to finish. With percussion-driven initial tracks “Sites * Bones/Free” and “Breaking Promises,” we get a sense of the transformation Arndt went through while connecting with this project. All we want to do is dance and feel and breathe. “(Gone)” presents itself as a slowdown, notable for the saxophone and melancholy feel. “Set It Off” brings the pace back up, a track we can see being played at your next (socially distanced) outdoor barbecue event. (It’s so good, right?)

The rhythm and the introspective lyrics in “Want to Feel” make this one of the most relatable songs on the release. As Arndt sings of wanting these things, this sense of humanity cascades around you with the music. At a time when everyone is trying to be better and to feel in different ways, this track speaks to us. “Can the Body” takes a slower pace again, a more meandering track that leads beautifully into “Not Loud Enough.” It is at this point that the structure of the tracks comes alive because you can see how Sunderwater/Underwater Sun plays with pace and layers to present a robust audio adventure.

And just like that, “Ocean Goes” offers a reprieve from the cacophony of instrumentals in its predecessor, incorporating sounds that add a sense of tranquility to the atmosphere. It still feels quirky, almost imbalanced, but done so in such an intentional way that we can do nothing but appreciate the humanity in it. “Here (Like Love)” and “Stolen” maintain similar ambiance, whereas “Lost in the Future” takes on an almost Andrew McMahon-feel to parts of it, examining more than just the present moment in its lyrics. “Show for It” rounds everything out quite nicely, once again bringing us back to relatable lyrics, a slower – more calculated – pace, and existentialism laced throughout.

Don’t take our word for it. Take the album for a test drive. Let us know what you think.


Meredith Schneider